Weekly Lottery Update 15 August

By   August 15, 2014


It’s the weekend at long last and as people all over the world begin to wrap up their crazy work week and get ready to unwind it is time to look at what has been happening during the last week with some of our favourite international lotteries. Has anyone hit the big time yet? Keep reading to find out…

Mega Millions logo BW narrow


The most recent Mega Millions draw took place on Tuesday (12 August). No one had the winning combination of numbers in the first and second tiers while in the third tier there were 31 lucky lotto players who all managed to add an additional $5,000.00 to their bank balances. The next MegaMillions draw is happening today and there is a whopping $144,000,000.00 available in the jackpot. That’s more than enough to make anyone’s dreams come true… Don’t miss out, get your lucky MegaMillions tickets online before the draw.

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The last EuroMillions draw also took place on Tuesday (12 August). There were no lucky lotto winners here either. In the second tier two people had five matching numbers and a star making them both €513,136.70 better off. Five people had five matching numbrtd in the third tier. Each person will be receiving €68,418.00 shortly. The next EuroMillions draw is happening today (15 August) and if you decide to play EuroMillions online you could be €47,000,000.00 wealthier. What a way to start a weekend!



The most recent EuroJackpot happened on Friday (8 August). Nobody had the winning combination of lucky lotto numbers needed to win the jackpot. In the second tier there were two winners who are now €261,779.50 wealthier as they had five matching numbers. The third tier added €45,375.10 to three people’s bank accounts as they had five matching numbers. The next Euro Jackpot takes place today (15 August) and you could win €31,000,000.00 if you play the lotto online.



The incredibly popular US Powerball had its mid-week draw on Wednesday (13 August). The jackpot has been left to roll over as no one had the winning combination of numbers. One person had five matching numbers and can expect $1,000,000.00 thanks to their secodn tier win. There were 12 winners in the third tier who will be receiving $10,000.00 soon. The next US Powerball is happening on Saturday (16 August) and there is an amazing $50,000,000.00 to be won. That is not something you want to miss out on either…

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The last UK Lotto draw occurred on Wednesday (13 August) and lived up to its reputation of consistently paying out. Two people hit the jackpot and won £360,076.00. Seven individuals had five matching numbers and a Bonus number securing them an additional £8,211.00 thanks to their second tier win. An incredible 464 souls from across the globe won in the third tier. It will be interesting to see what they will be spending their extra £105.00 on. The next UK Lotto draw takes place tomorrow (16 August) and the jackpot is £4,100,000.00.



The last Mega Sena draw occurred on Wednesday (13 August). No one managed to hit the jackpot but there were an astounding 158 winners in the second tier. Each person is now $10,791.87 happier thanks to their five matching numbers. In the third tier there were 12451 individuals who had four matching numbers. The next draw takes place on Saturday 16 August 2014 and there is an incredible $19,500,000.00 to be won.


We all need the opportunity to dream a little and one way that we can make our dreams a reality is by playing the lotto online. It’s fun, safe and exciting. What are you waiting for…