Weekend Results and Winnings | 19th – 21st Feb. ‘15

By   February 24, 2015


With the weekend passing by so slowly, there’s nothing that can boost your mood quite like the online lottery can.  The prizes that could be yours could be all that you’ve needed to finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of, one where you don’t even need to know which day of the week it is.  Want to know what could be yours?  Then have a look at the latest results and winnings:

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Friday’s (20th February) Mega Millions draw was definitely one that all dedicated players and fans were looking forward to.  There were unfortunately no players who were lucky enough to scoop up the $100 million jackpot prize, with no one who could match all five of the main numbers and the Mega ball.  As a result of the first prize tier remaining empty, there will be a rollover taking place.  The estimated jackpot prize for the next draw on Tuesday (24th February) now stands at an irresistbale$112 million.

There were no players who became winners in the second prize tier, with no one who could match the five main numbers to claim the $1 million prize.  Winnings started in the third prize tier, where as many as 37 players were granted with their guaranteed winnings of $5, 000 for matching four main numbers and the Mega ball.  The fourth prize tier grouped 458 players thanks to their luck in matching four of the five main numbers.  Each of these players are now $500 richer.  Here are all of the detailed results of the most recent draw:


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Another of the popular US Lotto games took place on Saturday (21st February).  The Powerball draw wasn’t successful in producing any jackpot winners, with no players who were lucky enough to match the five main numbers and the PowerBall.  The rollover result will see even more up for grabs in the next draw on Wednesday (25th February), leaving the estimated jackpot prize at $70 million.

Three players fell into the second prize tier, where they were each granted with an impressive $1 million for matching the five main numbers.  The third prize tier grouped 20 players who were successful in matching four main numbers and the PowerBall, allowing them to claim their winnings of $10, 000.  For matching four main numbers, the fourth prize tier brought in 624 players who were each awarded with $100.  For all of the detailed winnings in each prize tier, please have a look at the table here:


The Oz Powerball draw took place on Thursday (19th February) and also saw no players becoming lucky jackpot winners.  No players were able to match the six main numbers and the PowerBall, leaving the main prize untouched.  It is because the first prize tier remained empty that there will be yet another rollover taking place.  The upcoming draw will be taking place on Thursday (26th February), with an estimated jackpot prize of a higher $11, 600, 000 up for grabs.

The second prize tier brought in five players, each of whom were rewarded with $55, 922.21 for matching the six main numbers.  Moving into the third prize tier, $5, 043.39 was given to each of the 58 players who matched five main numbers and the PowerBall correctly.  With winnings of $154.63, the fourth prize tier had a total of 1057 players who matched five main numbers.  All of the detailed results can be found right here:

Remember to place your entries for the upcoming draws before it’s too late!  If you need a little help making your number selections, why not have a look at your lottery horoscope which is sure to set you on the right path.  It’s never been more convenient for you to play the lotto online, so go ahead – the sooner you start the sooner you could win!