Weekend Lotto Forecast – 24 Oct. ’14

By   October 24, 2014

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The weekend has arrived which means that here at LottoOnline1 it is time to take a look at what you could be winning with all of your favourite international lottery games this weekend. What this means is that we will take a quick look at the latest lotto results and then we will let you exactly how much you could be winning if you decide to play the lottery this weekend so keep reading to find out more!




Starting off with Friday’s (17 October) EuroJackpot there were no winners in the jackpot division which is really good news for you if like to play EuroJackpot as this means that the jackpot has rolled over yet again so you could win even more money this time around! If you are keen on taking home the €17,000,000 jackpot prize buy lotto tickets online before the draw takes place today (Friday, 24 October)!


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Tuesday’s (21 October) EuroMillions draw was also disappointing in the jackpot division as no one managed to lay their hands on the amazing €180,000,000 prize that was up for the taking. This is fantastic if you love playing the EuroMillions lottery as the jackpot has rolled over to a life changing €190,000,000 which could easily be yours if you decide to play the lottery. This draw is happening today (Friday, 24 October) so make sure you buy lotto tickets online soon to avoid disappointment!


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Tuesday’s (21 October) Mega Millions draw also gave jackpot hopefuls the cold shoulder as no one had the right combination of lucky lottery numbers needed to win the $200,000,000 jackpot prize that was available on Tuesday. This means that this incredibly popular lottery game based in the United States of America has also rolled over yet again. If you like the idea of winning $224,000,000 (and who doesn’t after all) then make sure you get in on the action and buy lotto tickets online because this particular lottery is also having its next draw today (Friday, 24 October)!


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Wednesday’s (22 October) US Powerball draw was disappointing yet again as there wasn’t a single person on this gorgeous and diverse planet who the combination of lottery numbers need to win  the $110,000,000 prize that was available in the mid week draw. While it is a pity that there were no jackpot winners on Wednesday it is brilliant news if you play the lotto tomorrow (Saturday, 25 October) as you could win a life changing $125,000,000 so don’t miss out!


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Wednesday’s (22 October) UK Lotto draw didn’t have any new jackpot winners either which is unusual as this lottery game has some of the best odds for lottery players in the world. Since these odds are working for you, you would be well advised to play the lotto ahead of tomorrow’s (Saturday, 25 October) draw as you could win an amazing £5,500,000!


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The final Wednesday (22 October) draw that needs to be mentioned is the Brazilian lottery, Mega Sena. There were no winners in the jackpot division here either which means that the jackpot has rolled over yet again and you could win a life changing $24,100,000 so don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity which is happening tomorrow (Saturday, 25 October)!


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