Weekend Lottery Roundup

By   August 4, 2014


Playing the lottery is a bit of a gamble, but not a big one if you consider the fact that you invest a small amount and stand the chance to come out with enormous winnings. Here at Lotto Online 1 it is time to take a look at what happened with the lottery over the last weekend (which feels like it has flown by). All of the lotteries were fairly tight fisted with regards to handing out jackpots except for one. Keep reading to find out which one this was.

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Friday the 1st of August kicked off with the Mega Millions Lottery. This one of the stingy ones in terms of pay outs – no one managed to bag the $ 87,000,000.00 jackpot that was up for grabs. Only two people came out as winners in the second tier with five matching numbers while in the third tier there were 24 people who at least got to claim $ 5,000.00 with their four matching numbers and Mega number. It will be interesting to see if the $100,000,000.00 jackpot is claimed on Tuesday the 5th of August. Why not buy your lotto tickets online to stand a chance to win this incredible jackpot?

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Another stingy Friday draw was Euro Millions. No one hit the big time which means that the jackpot of $ 20,068,500.00 has rolled over to $28,197,337.12. The second tier was a bit better and there were six winners who have each laid claim to $ 302,789.38. Finally, in the third tier 14 people had five matching numbers and a star making them $ 43,255.51 wealthier. Hopefully Tuesday’s draw will have a EuroJackpot winner. No one has laid stake to the $ 29,433,800.00 jackpot that was there for the taking in the EuroJackpot on Friday either. The second tier was a lot more successful in terms of hand outs. Here five people have each walked away with $ 131,328.40. Six people won $ 28,454.46 in the third tier as well. The next draw has a jackpot of $34,907,841.79. If this sounds like something you could do with (and who doesn’t need extra cash) play lotto online and buy your tickets before Friday the 8th of August.


Another draw which had no jackpot winner was US Powerball which had its draw on Saturday, 2 August. In the second tier four people are $ 1,000,000.00 better off thanks to their five matching numbers and bonus number. The third tier made 22 people $ 10,000.00 wealthier. Wednesday the 6th of August’s jackpot has now rolled over from $ 70,000,000.00 to $ 80,000,000.00 – hopefully someone will be able to claim it.


Another lottery that has rolled over is Saturday’s Mega Sena draw. The second tier made up for this and 107 individuals had five of the right matching numbers giving each person an extra $ 7,882.80. In the third tier 7833 people had four matching numbers earning them a fair $ 153.83. The $ 1,347,181.36 jackpot has rolled over to $2,800,000.00 – if you want to play this lotto online buy your tickets before Wednesday the 6th of August.


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The only lottery to have a jackpot winner this weekend actually had three jackpot winners. The UK Lottery made these souls $ 2,476,284.00 better off in the first tier. In the second tier five people came out with a bank balance that is $ 118,592.00 healthier while the third tier brought $ 2,030.00 of joy to 248 people.  The next UK Lotto draw takes place on Wednesday the 6th of August and has a jackpot of $3,532,716.12.


Playing the lotto online is fun and exciting and a great way to relax after a stressful day, you never know, it could be you with the sudden windfall after all…