Weekend Lottery Forecast – 17 Oct. ’14

By   October 17, 2014

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The weekend is upon us which means that here at LottoOnline1 it is time to take a look at what you could be winning this weekend if you decide to play EuroJackpot, UK Lotto, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Mega Sena or US Powerball this weekend. If you want to know more the only way to find out more is to keep reading.




Friday’s (10 October) EuroJackpot draw didn’t have any winners in the jackpot division which means that the jackpot has rolled over yet again. So if you decide to play EuroJackpot today (Friday, 17 October) you could win a marvellous €13,000,000 so make sure you get in on the action and start making all  of your dreams come true!


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Tuesday’s (14 October) EuroMillions draw left jackpot hopefuls feeling sad and disappointed which is very good news if you are planning on playing the Euro Lotto today (Friday, 17 October) as the jackpot has rolled over to a jaw dropping and game changing €166,000,000. It would be silly not to get in on this kind of action as it is so easy to play lottery online. Get your tickets now so you avoid disappointment!


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Another big draw that is happening today (Friday, 17 October) is the United States based Mega Millions lottery with its nine figure jackpots. As Tuesday’s (14 October) draw didn’t have any new jackpot winners this jackpot has also rolled over and is certainly one that you should seriously consider playing with its astounding jackpot of $180,000,000. Buy Mega Millions tickets online now before you forget about this once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve everything you have ever wanted!




Keeping it in the United States of America, Wednesday’s (15 October) US Powerball draw was also somewhat disappointing in the jackpot as no one managed to lay their hands on the big prize worth $90,000,000. No need to worry though, you can increase your chances of winning an even bigger jackpot if you decide to play US Powerball ahead of tomorrow’s (Saturday, 18 October) draw and stand in line to change your life with a cool $100,000,000. Go on, do something to make a profound difference in your life and get in on this amazing opportunity!


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Wednesday’s (15 October)  UK Lotto draw had one lucky lottery winner who had the right combination of winning numbers to give him or her a jackpot win of £2,059,716. That must be an incredible feeling! The next UK Lotto draw is happening tomorrow (Saturday, 18 October) and you could win even more than this jackpot winner as the big prize has been upped to £4,100,000. With such favourable odds it definitely makes sense to play UK Lotto don’t you think? We do anyway!


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Finally, Wednesday’s (15 October) Mega Sena draw which took place in Brazil didn’t have any winners in the jackpot division. Since this is the kind of jackpot that rolls over, it is good news for you if you are planning to play the lottery ahead of tomorrow’s (Saturday, 18 October) draw as the jackpot has rolled over to a cool $16,600,000. So don’t miss out!


People all over the world have realised how fun and exciting it is to play EuroJackpot so why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!