Website Review:

By   August 25, 2014

Everybody loves following trends. Even if you proclaim yourself to be a free thinker, at some point or another it will become inevitable that you’re going to follow some or other trend. One in particular which we are keen on taking a closer look at, would be playing lotto online. While it’s still a largely-obscure pastime, it may come as some surprise to learn that it is one of the fastest-growing online phenomena; and one which we would encourage those who are looking to play the lottery online from the comfort of their own home to participate in. We often get asked, “Is legit?” Now, we’re not sure why we get asked that question, or even why it gets asked – could it be because they simply sound “too good to be true”? Let’s address this question right away!

playUSA-homepage-jpgFor starters, has a wealth of experience backing their superior service – no doubt about that. After all, if you’re a specialist in an industry for close on to twenty years, that would surely qualify you as highly experienced as well! Not only this, but probably the biggest concern from the lotto enthusiast camp (“Will my winnings be paid out to me?”) is immediately laid to rest; thanks to their spectacular 100% payout record for all winnings obtained via the website – yet another plus. In fact, they’re so good that they’re widely regarded as industry leaders; no mean feat when one considers that online lotto ticket providers are a dime a dozen these days. It definitely takes a lot to be considered as the best of any market; and this is something that manages to do so effortlessly.

Subscribed members to the website (note: you cannot make use of their services without being a registered member; which is free and only takes a moment to complete the registration!) are afforded unbridled and guaranteed access to no less than fifteen of the world’s biggest, most lucrative and well-known international lotto titles; this leaves players spoiled for choice, and assured of a game selection which will not only be to their taste, but furthermore afford them a direct opportunity to compete for incredible jackpot prizes. This is their greatest calling card; after all, who wouldn’t mind winning an amount which could quite possibly exceed that magical nine-digit barrier? We’re talking about winnings over $100m here, folks!

playusa_playpage_jpgThis page is where all the magic happens; it’s the Play Now page. It is here where you are able to play your winning lotto numbers into the game of your choice – and, depending on how much you have deposited into your ultra-secure online account with, you’re not only limited into entering a single lotto game at a time – you may concurrently enter into as many games as you wish! With a large variety of play options (including a rather handy lottery horoscope section) available – complete with the broadest range of payment options – you can ultimately decide when and how you’d like to play lotto online. You’re not limited to physical location either, seeing as has established themselves as a truly global website.

This fact is further emphasized by the inclusion of no less than thirteen major international language play sites; ensuring that even if your native language isn’t English, there’s a really good chance that you will be able to enter into your favourite games in your favourite language! Taking this unique service a step further; world-class Live Chat client support is offered in each of these languages as well – so in the very vague chance of you encountering any difficulties while transacting on the website, rest assured that help is only a click away.

When you’re not busy playing your lucky lotto numbers online, subscribed members can also try their hand at a variety of instant games and prize giveaways offered up on the portal; which naturally affords you even more ways of winning! All the latest lotto results are available shortly after every draw; and in the event of you being unable to check to see if your purchased ticket is eligible for a divisional (or better yet, jackpot) prize win, relax – if the value of your win is over $/€/£2,000 then a rep will personally be in contact with you; not only congratulating you on your win, but to also facilitate the payout process. This in itself is quick and painless; and is a really noble gesture on their part. Every single person who is a client of a company enjoys personalized attention; which is yet another factor totally and completely handled by the ultra-professional team.

We were totally blown away by the appearance, service, and reputation given to us by – and if we’re willing to vouch for them, then there is definitely no reason why you shouldn’t sign up with them right away!