Ways to Spend Your Lotto Winnings

By   August 20, 2014

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Winning the lotto is a dream for most of us and we all have one or two ideas about what we would do with the millions we won from our favourite international lotteries EuroMillions, Mega Sena, EuroJackpot, Mega Millions, US Powerball and ever popular UK Lotto. Regardless, here are some more ideas to inspire you to play the lotto online.

Build Your Dream Home



Everyone has an idea of what their perfect home would look like. If you win millions in the MegaMillions lotto draw (the next jackpot takes place on Friday 22 August and you could win $180,000,000.00) this is one thing that you could definitely do. Whether you want multiple saunas, a library, a giant heated swimming pool or even a helicopter pad, it is all possible if you play the lotto online.
Spoil Yourself with Fine Food and Alcohol


We all need to splurge every now and again and with your lucky lotto winnings you can do this all the time. Whether it is a $1.8 million bottle of champagne paying $2,800 for rib-eye steak from Craftsteak, you will be able to afford it all and a whole lot more.
Employ Staff to Meet Your Every Whim and Need

Imagine having a collection of staff whose only job is to meet your every need. As a millionaire you will not have to do much on your own. From a personal chef, chauffeur, personal trainer or stylist, you will be able to employ as many staff as you need. If you feel guilty, think about it this way – you are creating jobs with your lottery winnings and what could be better?

Find a New and Unique Past-time

Forget about the usual stamp collecting and hiking. As a millionaire you could be involved in everything from skydiving to travelling in space. If this doesn’t sound appealing, what about making it your mission to set world records like Sir Richard Branson does? He tried to set the record for crossing the transatlantic by sail boat and has tried to cross it by hot air balloon. If learning is more your thing, take a leaf out of Mark Zuckerberg’s book study a new language – the list of things you can do is endless.

Owning Your Own Museum or Town

Maybe you have a thing for a particular part of history and want to start a collection of epic proportions. But where would you store it all? Follow in the footsteps of William Koch and Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft). William is in the process of creating his own town to house Wild West memorabilia while Paul has founded a rock and roll and science fiction museum. That’s one way those who love learning can spend their millions (and probably something I would do).

There we go; some fantastic ideas about what you can do with your lucky lotto winnings. Now all you have to do is go and play the lotto online. Who knows, you could be the next lucky lotto winner…