US Powerball Spotlight: Are you Playing?

By   July 9, 2014


powerball logo narrowLadies and gentlemen; are you buckled up and ready for some serious winnings? The US lotto scene is about to blow up yet again with the upcoming US Powerball draw mere hours away – and what this translates to for all players who will be entering into this prestigious international lotto game is a stunning $122,000,000 jackpot prize which will be made available to any player who is able to correctly match up all five main numbers as well as the bonus Powerball number. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Well technically yes, it is – although the game does indeed sport quite intimidating odds; but then again, the game is not for the fainthearted and neither is that jackpot prize! This makes the US Powerball a perfect option for those who enjoy a challenge, and who enjoy reaping excellent benefits from their efforts. After all, seeing as this lottery is a shared jackpot game sold by 45 lotteries in the USA alone – and that’s minus the hundreds of thousands of international players – don’t you think that your jackpot win would just be that much sweeter to enjoy when you realize that you’ve just beaten millions of others from all over the world to the game’s top honors?

A $122m win certainly isn’t something to be trifled with – could you even start planning out exactly what your first purchase would be? Would you treat your family members to a dream vacation? Or go right out and purchase that dream mansion, complete with the garage packed to the rafters with only the finest in exotic automotive engineering? Whatever your purchasing decisions may be; just remember that in order to win it, you need to be in it – so why not use this opportunity to play your winning lotto numbers and gain your guaranteed entry into this evening’s US Powerball draw? It will literally only take a few moments of your time, so go ahead and give it a shot right now. Who knows what the end result might be…?