US Powerball Results | Saturday, 11 January 2014

By   January 13, 2014

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The weekend’s international lottery activities had plenty of going on, especially with the US Powerball jackpot sitting at $80 million. Many Powerball enthusiasts, as well as chance lotto players, entered the game with the hopes of being the lucky one to take home the jackpot. The numbers drawn were as follows: 10, 15, 33, 48, 54 and Powerball 34. So, did anybody succeed in taking home the jackpot prize…?

fulla cashWhile there are no top prize winners to report, this gives the jackpot amount the opportunity to increase – the expected jackpot for the upcoming Wednesday, 15 January draw is currently on $93 million! If this draw results in another rollover, we could see the $100m mark being breached. What a great start to January for the US Powerball game!

The game’s famed second tier had a sole winner reporting in, taking home the coveted $1 million prize. In the third tier, we saw a bit more action with 11 players claiming – each of them taking home $10,000; while in the same tier there were an additional three players who had the presence of mind to utilize the game’s much-underestimated Power Play option. This additional investment certainly paid off rather handsomely for these players, who saw their tier winnings being quadrupled all the way up to $40,000. Well done to these players! The fourth tier saw a lot more activity, with 491 players matching up four of the five main numbers only. Each one of these players received a $100 payout, while the number of Power Play entries came in at 110, with the option doubling their tier winnings up to $200. Detailed US Powerball results and winnings below:



The next US Powerball draw is scheduled for Wednesday, 15 January 2014 with an estimated jackpot of $93 million. If you haven’t yet entered one of the world’s biggest lottery games, then now is your perfect opportunity – play US Powerball online now, and put yourself in the running for some truly incredible jackpot prizes!