Upcoming Powerball – Could YOU Be the Next Winner?

By   February 17, 2015


With the unbelievable Powerball jackpot prize being won last week, it should come as no surprise that entries came pouring in for this popular US Lotto game this past weekend.  With the prize that could be yours, you could be well on your way to living a lifestyle you thought belonged in movies only.  Here’s a look at the latest results for you to get idea of you could be walking away with in the upcoming draw this week:

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The latest Powerball draw took place on Saturday (14th February), and was unfortunately not successful in turning any players into jackpot winners.  There were no players who were able to match the five main numbers as well as the PowerBall, which left the first tier empty.  The winnings were kick-started in the second prize tier, where two players were granted with their guaranteed winnings of $1 million thanks to their luck in matching the five main numbers drawn.  Congratulations to these players who became instant millionaires, we hope you spend it wisely!  Moving down into the third prize tier, $10, 000 was claimed by each of the 17 players who matched four of the main numbers plus the PowerBall.  In the fourth tier, which is also the last of the top prize tiers, there were 613 players who were grouped for matching four of the five main numbers.  Each of these players walked away with $100.  For matching three main numbers and the PowerBall, as many as 947 players in the fifth prize tier claimed their winnings of another $100.  There were 35095 players in the sixth prize tier who were awarded with $7 for matching three of the five main numbers.  $7 was given to each of the 17623 players in the seventh prize tier who were successful in matching two main numbers and the PowerBall.  Matching one main number and the PowerBall got 119675 players in the eighth tier a prize of $4.  With winnings of $4, the draw came to an end with the 244960 players in the ninth prize tier who matched the PowerBall only.  For all of the detailed results of the latest draw, in each prize tier, please see the table below:

It’s good news that there were no players in the first prize tier or no one who could scoop up the main prize, with there now being even more up for grabs in the next draw.  The estimated jackpot prize for the upcoming draw on Wednesday (18th February) is now set at an even higher $50 million, which could go to any player who is lucky enough to find themselves in possession of some winning lottery numbers.

With the only stressful part of playing the online lottery being making the choice of your lucky lotto number selection, you can have a look at your lottery horoscope to set you in the proper direction.  Don’t forget to place your entries and, you never know, you could be a winner a lot sooner than you think!