UK Lotto Results | Saturday, 11 January 2014

By   January 13, 2014

uk lotto

These were the numbers drawn: 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 46 and Bonus Ball 24. These are the numbers which would determine the route of somebody’s financial future. With the UK Lotto being as popular as it is, and thanks to its remarkable odds of gaining a jackpot win, the good news is that yes – there has been a single-ticket win during the weekend’s Saturday UK Lotto draw!

uk lotto ticket stock imageThe winner can probably breathe a lot easier now after discovering the jackpot win, which saw £7,505,717 being added to his/her bank balance. Congratulations, winner! In the second prize tier, there were a total of 24 players who matched up five out of the six main numbers, including the Bonus Ball (which is drawn separately and is used to create a second place prize tier). These players each gained a valuable £17,985 boost to their financial state, which is most likely a great help during the post-festive season crunch. In the third prize tier, there were 276 players who matched up five of the main numbers only, which saw each one of them clearing £1,327. The total amount of winners for draw #1884 tallied 301,489, and here are the detailed UK Lotto results and winnings:



The next UK Lotto draw will be taking place this coming Wednesday, 15 January 2014 with the usual minimum amount of £2.2 million – still no slouch in terms of lottery jackpots, let us assure you! If you’d like to play for this great jackpot prize, then simply follow this link in order to be redirected to our UK Lotto play page. Best of luck!