Two Twenty-Something Lottery Winners Look Back

By   November 18, 2014



People love to play EuroJackpot and the wide variety of other jackpots on offer because it gives them the opportunity to get rid of financial constraints and live the life one really wants too. But what does it actually feel like to win the lottery? The only way to find out is to speak to those who have been there and have won big with everyone’s favourite form of entertainment so keep reading to find out more!


Eloise Heard, 22




When Eloise Heard, from Colchester, walked away with a Lotto jackpot worth £1,346,840 in December 2011 she instantly became one of the United Kingdom’s richest teenagers over night. At the time of winning the down-to-earth nineteen year old was working in Co-Op and decided to celebrate with her then boyfriend, now husband, David by having a pub dinner.


Since her big win she has used her winnings for some of the ‘big’ purchases in life like a car and a house as well paying for the couple’s wedding and dream honeymoon across the United States earlier this year.


Eloise has also used the money to build her mobile beauty business while her husband David, 28, has created an online toy company. The couple took their time in spending their money to invest in the big purchases such as a car and home which most couples are faced with. They are also working hard at getting their businesses going.

She said it was great being able to treat her family and she is grateful to have so much financial security at such a young age.


Matt Myles, 28


Matt Myles


Another twenty something who won big is Matt Myles who became an instant millionaire when he won £1,000,000 in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle earlier on in the year (in April). As soon as he realised he had won big he started planning how he would spend his newfound wealth. Within 48 hours of winning he decided to quit his job as an electrical engineer in a factory and then booked flights for two friends, himself and his brother to Indonesia.

In the subsequent months he travelled across the globe and as has taken a group of friends to Ibiza, his family to Italy and went to watch the World Cup in Brazil. Matt has just come back from a trip across the United States of America with his brother, Pete, who he has created a property development business with. Matt says that he still needs to pinch himself and that he is unable to stop laughing at how much his life has changed since winning the lottery. The best part has been seeing the world and sharing the win with his family. He is also planning on making the most of the incredible opportunity he has been presented with. Sounds like a good plan to us!


If you haven’t been having as much luck as these fortunate twenty something’s have with the lottery why not check out your lottery horoscope to see if all of this changes? You never know, you could be the next big winner!