Tuesday Lotto Update | 21 May ’14

By   May 21, 2014

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With last night’s draws (Tuesday, 20 May 2014) taking place, those who had entered into the EuroMillions and US Mega Millions lotto games were all gunning for the top jackpot prizes in each game – in this instance, the Euro lotto game sported a €48,000,000 jackpot while the US lotto game came laden with a $149,000,000 jackpot prize. Big winnings indeed! That being said – what were the draw results for these games? Well, read on to find out.

euromillions-logo-BW-longIn last night’s instalment of the biggest and most glamorous lotto game to be found in Europe, the winnings to be had was most certainly a tempting amount. What’s the first thing that you would do with a €49,000,000 jackpot win? Or how about a €59,000,000 jackpot? Yes, that’s right – thanks to there being no top tier winners in last night’s draw, the prize on offer has been given yet another opportunity to roll over, increasing in value in the process – so looking ahead to the upcoming Friday draw, be sure to play EuroMillions online to be entered for the bigger jackpot prize! These were the numbers drawn in the game:

euromil-res-20marAs mentioned, there was no jackpot winner. This took us down to the second tier, where there were two players who managed to get pretty close to that big win; although they missed out narrowly by matching up all five main numbers but only one of the bonus Lucky Star numbers. Nevertheless, despite this disappointment, it was countered by the fact that each player walked away from the game €528,720 richer. Well done, players! In the third tier, there were seven players who matched up the five main numbers only, giving each of them a €50,354 payout for their efforts in the game. Down in the fourth prize tier, there were seventeen players who only matched up four of the required five main numbers, yet they were able to correctly match up both Lucky Star numbers – another close call! Each of these players received €10,367 in winnings for their part in the game. For those who would like a detailed breakdown of the EuroMillions results & winnings for the Tuesday draw, please see below:

PlayHugeLottosMega Millions logo BW narrowAlthough the US Mega Millions usually attracts quite a bit of attention during a “normal” draw, thanks to the nine-figure jackpot prize which came as a result of numerous rollovers, the interest levels had spiked considerably as people mulled the $149,000,000 prize over in their minds. Eventually they all caved in, and played their lucky lotto numbers in the hopes of beating the odds to rake in some serious winnings. There was one set of numbers which proved to be a perfect 100% match to the numbers which were drawn:

megamil-res-20mar…Which meant a single-ticket jackpot win of the full amount – a very hearty congratulations to the latest US Mega Millions winner! Thanks to this magnificent jackpot prize being won, for the upcoming Friday draw it will be reverted back to the guaranteed minimum, which is $15,000,000 – still a noteworthy win, if you are able to defeat the odds of course! If you enjoy a challenge which could give you lucrative kickbacks, then why not play US Mega Millions online today to enter into the upcoming draw? The winning never stopped for this draw, though. In the second prize tier, there was another single-ticket win; this time for $1,000,000 thanks to this player being able to correctly match up all five main numbers only. In the third prize tier, 29 players matched up only four of the required five main numbers – although their saving grace was their match up of the bonus Mega Ball as well; and for placing within this tier, they were each afforded a $5,000 payout. In the fourth tier – the last of the well-paying tiers – there were 434 players who matched up four main numbers only, which netted each one of those players $500 for their efforts in the game. For those interested in the detailed US Mega Millions results & winnings, feel free to consult the table below:

For those who missed out on last night’s draws, don’t fret – there are more opportunities for you to enter into a spectacular international lotto game! These are the lotteries which will be drawn this evening (Wednesday, 21 March 2014); so choose the game which will best suit your style of playing, then play your lucky lotto numbers online in order to be entered into the draw! To all those who will be participating, we wish you the very best of luck – remember to check back with LottoOnline1 for all the latest lotto results, news, and a whole lot of jackpot winning!

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