Tuesday Lotto Draws: What’s the latest?

By   July 8, 2014

laptop_keysThere is no set limit as to how many times we can stress the importance and sheer convenience of being able to gain guaranteed entry into some of the biggest lotto gaming titles in the world – with so many pros working in favour of the concept, it becomes hard to accept the reality that this method is fast rising up the ranks as the popular alternative to standing in unnecessarily long queues just to play your winning lottery number selection. Not only is playing the lotto online a far safer method – not just physically safe, but your winnings will also be protected as well. Not to mention, you run no risk of accidentally losing your winning ticket, as the entire process is digitized; and the best part about it all is that you are able to win from no matter where in the world you are based. Convenience indeed has a new name – and it’s called LottoOnline1.com!

With our excellent portal playing host to reputable and top-tier international lotto games, you can be assured of nothing but the absolute best as far as lotto game selection and winnings goes – and we have exactly that on offer, especially when looking ahead towards the draws which will be taking place this evening (Tuesday, 8 July 2014). So, without further ado, let’s get right into the Tuesday lotto draw rundown:

euromillions-logo-BW-longDuring the weekend edition of the EuroMillions draw, (held on Friday, 4 July) the game had opened with a €41,000,000 jackpot prize on offer. Even though it may have been the intention of every player entering into the draw to exit left with a jackpot win safely tucked underneath their arm, unfortunately this wasn’t the case for this round of the game. There was still some prize-winning action to be found in the lower prize tiers, though.

In the second prize tier, there were four players who matched up all five main numbers but only one of the bonus Lucky Star numbers. Even thought it was a near-miss, it still proved to be a lucrative outcome for each one of these players – they all walked off with €385,460 in winnings, well done guys. In the third prize tier, there were five players who placed for matching up the five main numbers only; this feat afforded each one of them a €102,789 payout. Down in the fourth prize tier, there were only 47 players who managed to match up just four of the required five main numbers, but both Lucky Star numbers – they still managed to squeeze out a €5,467 payout though. Here are the detailed EuroMillions results & winnings for the most recent draw:

Looking ahead to the draw which is set to take place this evening (Tuesday, 8 July) those who enter into the game will be playing for a €49,000,000 jackpot prize – so play EuroMillions lotto online right away to be assured your entry before the cutoff time! In the event of you feeling as though you could do with as much help as you can get when choosing your winning lotto numbers, why not take a look at this great lottery horoscope?


Mega Millions logo BW narrowThe next game which is scheduled for its next draw this evening hails from the land where everything is bigger and better – and especially so, the lottery games on offer! The US Mega Millions comes with a hugely impressive CV, having given off a biggest-ever jackpot prize of $656 million – now that’s some serious winnings, and further proves this game’s seriousness. During last Friday evening’s draw, the game had opened with a $20,000,000 jackpot prize on offer which wasn’t claimed despite players’ best efforts – and funnily enough, the second prize tier was a mirror image of the jackpot tier; there were no players found within this division.

This makes the players in the third prize tier the effective biggest winners of the draw, thanks to their match up of four main numbers as well as the bonus Mega Ball. For their notable efforts, each of the thirteen players who managed to place in this tier were all privy to a $5,000 payout. Down in the fourth prize tier, there were 224 players who placed for matching up four main numbers only, and thanks to this each one of these players  received a $500 payout. Here are the detailed US Mega Millions results & winnings for the most recent draw:

Lotto pundits from all over the world will undoubtedly be looking forward to tonight’s draw, where a $25,000,000 jackpot prize will be making itself available to any player who can accurately match up the five main numbers and all-important bonus Mega Ball which will be drawn at complete random. Do you think you have what it takes to secure your share of winnings? If you do, then ensure that you play US Mega Millions lotto online at the soonest-available opportunity in order to avoid disappointment!

Good luck to all those who will be entering this evening’s draws – we wish you the very best of luck! In the unfortunate scenario of you missing out on this evening’s draws, these are the midweek lotto games which you can look forward to tomorrow (Wednesday, 9 July 2014):

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