Tuesday, 24 June Lotto Draw Results

By   June 25, 2014

TreasureWith the latest round of Tuesday lotto draws being held last night (24 June 2014) being done and dusted and the results polled, we can officially bring you the latest lotto results update from these esteemed international lotto games. While no players saw success in the top prize tier, there were still winners in the lower prize divisions for both draws – the EuroMillions and US Mega Millions lotto games.

Let’s take a look at what transpired in both of these games, as well as what sort of jackpot prizes we can look forward to for the upcoming Friday evening draws (27 June 2014) – are you ready?

euromillions-logo-BW-longThe EuroMillions lotto game opened up with a €15,000,000 jackpot prize – the game’s guaranteed minimum. This came thanks to the previous draw yielding a single-ticket jackpot win (20 June 2014), where a fortunate player was the recipient of a delectable €24,974,879 jackpot win – well done, player! Thanks to this win, the game reverted back to its guaranteed minimum for the draw, where the result was that no players were able to claim from within the top prize tier – all that was needed in order to do that, was to correctly match up all five main numbers as well as both all-important bonus Lucky Star numbers.

In the game’s second prize tier though, there were three players who enjoyed some measure of success within the ranks of the game, thanks to their correct match-up of all five main numbers and only one of the bonus Lucky Star numbers – this afforded each one of them a payout to the tune of €312,175. In the third prize tier, there were five players who matched up the five main numbers only, and for this they were each recipients of a still-healthy €62,435 payout. In the fourth prize tier, only 43 players managed to match up only four main numbers but both bonus Lucky Star numbers, which netted each one of them €3,630 in winnings.

With last night’s jackpot prize having indulged in its first rollover, this has given it the ideal opportunity to increase in value – this means that, for the upcoming Friday evening lotto draw (27 June 2014) those who play EuroMillions online can now look forward to a €24,000,000 jackpot prize. Will you be entering the biggest, most glamorous lotto game in Europe? Here are the detailed EuroMillions results and winnings for the most recent draw:


Mega Millions logo BW narrowHeading over to the US lotto scene, the US Mega Millions came sporting a $25,000,000 jackpot prize. The result of a mini-rollover spree, this amount nonetheless would signal a significant lifestyle change to any player lucky enough to correctly match up all five main numbers and the all-important bonus Mega Ball. Unfortunately for those lotto enthusiasts aiming for top honours, none were successful in their attempts.

In the second prize tier though, a solo winner found the luck of being able to correctly match up all five main numbers only; and for doing so, was instantly awarded the tier’s guaranteed $1,000,000 jackpot prize – instant millionaire status; well done player! In the third prize tier, there were seventeen players who matched up four of the main numbers as well as the bonus Mega Ball, which saw each one of these players still managing a $5,000 win. Down in the fourth prize tier, there were 275 players who matched up four of the main numbers only to see their share of winnings, which amounted to $500 in this instance, being awarded to each one of them.

With the most recent jackpot prize rolling over yet again, those who will be entering into the upcoming Friday evening draw will most certainly be enticed by the $33,000,000 jackpot prize which will be up for grabs – so play US Mega Millions online today to have your lucky lotto numbers verified into the draw! You too, no matter your physical location, could be playing for online lotto jackpot prizes that are lucrative enough to stop even a zombie dead in its tracks – watch this short clip if you don’t believe us!

Below are the detailed US Mega Millions results & winnings for the latest draw – those who like tracking the numbers drawn will find this to be a great help in planning their lotto gaming strategy!

That concludes our Tuesday lotto results update – we hope that you can use this information to your full advantage for the upcoming draws. If you feel you could use a dash of good luck, then why not consider checking out this rather nifty (and free!) lottery horoscope – perhaps fate might have a lottery jackpot win lined up for you! To those who will be participating, we wish you the very best of luck in your favourite international lotto games. To those who have not yet experienced the magic and thrill which is to be enjoyed when playing the lottery online from the comfort of your own home, no matter which country in the world you reside, allow us to remind you that your entry into these jackpot games is not only totally legitimate, but is guaranteed as well – your winning number selection could net you a fantastic fortune, and all thanks to LottoOnline1.com – happy gaming, all!