The Search is On for UK National Lottery Winner

By   April 28, 2015

It might come as a surprise that someone could misplace a winning lottery ticket, but there are certain instances where it completely leaves the player’s mind.  This is why it’s worth your while to enjoy your gaming experience online, where there is no way that you could lose your ticket as all transactions are done online.  Not only does the online lottery offer up prizes which are irresistible, but it is also the safest and most secure way to enjoy playing your favorite international lotteries.

The search is on for a lucky lottery millionaire in Dawlish as time runs out for the ticket holder to step up and claim their prize.  Both local residents as well as holiday makers to the area are being asked to check anywhere they could have misplaced a £1 million winning lottery ticket.  This includes trouser pockets, behind the soda, the desk of your bedside table, wallets and any other obvious places – you never know, you could be sitting on a fortune!


Someone is in possession of a winning ticket with the code PINK 6055 9722 and if they are to step forward before August 13th with the ticket in hand, their lives could be changed forever.  The draw in which these numbers were drawn took place on Valentine’s Day, when a special Lotto raffle draw took place in which there were 50 players who were granted with a guaranteed £20, 000 as well as 10 prizes of £1 million which were awarded, or 9 in this case.


If no one steps up with the winning ticket before the deadline then the prize money, along with the interest which it has generated, will go towards helping UK National Lottery-funded projects across the United Kingdom.  A spokesperson for the UK National Lotto said:

“We’re eager to find the mystery ticket-holder and unite them with their winnings – this amazing prize could really make a huge difference to somebody’s life.  We’re urging everyone who bought a lotto ticket in the Teignbridge area to check their old tickets again or look anywhere a missing ticket could be hiding.  We have the champagne on ice and our fingers crossed that the lucky winner comes forward to claim their win.  We’re hoping it’ll be a case of ‘From The National Lottery With Love’ when we get to pay out this Valentine’s million to the missing ticket-holder”.



This should make it clear as to why the best choice that you could make would be to play the lotto online.  When placing your entries, you might want to give the Euro Jackpot a try too.  The jackpot prize, which could be yours in the blink of an eye, has been growing and growing each week as a result of rollovers and now stands at an unbelievable €75 million.  Just be sure that when your entries are placed, it’s done online.  Play the smart way – play the online lotto.