The Highest Paid CEO’s in 2015

By   February 25, 2015

Whether you like it or not, there are some heads of companies who make more money than most people can even dream of.  Here are a few of the highest paid CEO’s in the world, who are laughing all the way to the bank:

Robert A. Iger – Walt Disney Company: $34, 321, 055 per year

Robert Iger


Being the Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney, it’s no wonder that Iger is one of the highest paid CEO’s in the world.  Since they started off simply by making cartoons under the direction of a genius children’s entertainer, they have produced dozens of classic as well as culturally important movies.  They have even diversified into amusement parks, music, television, and merchandise.  After becoming the CEO in 2005, the company has acquired Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm.

Jeffrey Weiner – LinkedIn: $49, 071, 364 per year



With a focus on its users’ professional qualifications and achievements, LinkedIn is both a well-trafficked as well as established social media network.  This helps people to keep in contact with those who are relevant to user’s business dealings and can also help them to find a new job.  Since 2013, this social media network reportedly had almost 260 million users in more than 200 countries all around the world.

Leslie Moonves – CBS: $65, 589, 245 per year


It should be no surprise that the President and CEO of America’s most watched network is one of the richest CEO’s in the world.  This broadcasting company is now a widely diversified company that deals in various forms of entertainment and broadcasting.  Before he took up position as CEO, Moonves had a long career working as a television executive for a number of different networks.

Mario J. Gabelli – GAMCO Investors: $85, 049, 800 per year

Mario Gabelli

The Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, and CEO of this firm, Gabelli is definitely laughing all the way to the bank.  Being the founder of the full-service investment firm and having a 50% stake in the company, he has a reported net worth of $1.2 billion!

Charif Souki – Cheniere Energy: $141, 949, 280 per year

Charif Souki

If you think about it, compensations works out to as much as $388, 902 per day.  Yes, that’s right – per day!  This Texas-based company specializes in liquefied natural gas transport.  Forbes itself stated that his pay is justified because his base pay is less than $1 million.  He made a whopping $3.7 million in cash bonuses, with the vast majority of the money being a result of the stocks which he owns in the company.    

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