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By   May 20, 2014

Maldives hotelUs humans have always been drawn to bodies of water since the dawn of time. We may not know exactly why we have this fascination with oceans, lakes, lagoons and even swimming pools; but all we know is that we love them dearly and will jump (no pun intended) at any opportunity to go for a quick dip – especially after a long, hot and exhausting day. There’s nothing quite refreshing like a good swim, after all!

As modern design progresses, so does man’s ability to create some truly stunning examples of swimming pools that are able to almost literally leave you breathless (we say “almost literally”, because if you were physically breathless while swimming… well, that’s not a good sign now is it?) Today, we will be taking a look at some of the best swimming pools which are to be found anywhere in the world; some are bristling with innovative technology, while others are just downright immersive – again, no pun intended. Here’s the best bit, though: At the end, we will let you in on a secret as to how YOU can be the proud owner your very own pool which will leave your friends green-eyed with envy, and elevate you to “talk of the town” status.


nemo pool1This simply has to be the most interesting pool you’ve ever seen in your life – imagine an apartment or office block completely submerged in water (a la apocalypse), with you needing to navigate your way through tunnels, and eventually making your way down what is officially the deepest man-made diving hole in the world – 108ft/33m!

nemo33Nemo 33 was the brainchild of diving enthusiast, John Beernaerts, who became so captivated with the diving spots in Bora Bora that he simply had to create his own little slice of diving heaven. The pool is made up of multiple levels, and is filled with pure, crystal clear spring water whose temperature is kept at a constant (and comfortable) 86deg Farenheit/30deg Celsius. Check out this pretty cool virtual tour to give you a better idea of just how amazing this pool really is:


San Alfonso del Mar top viewPerhaps this aerial view can best explain just how huge this pool actually is. So huge in fact, that it’s officially recognized as being the largest swimming pool in the world! Another highlight to point out, is the distinct colour difference between the Pacific ocean’s water vs the pool’s water – would you believe that it’s the very same water? The San Alfonso del Mar swimming pool makes use of a very fancy, high-tech filtration system which pumps in fresh Pacific water on one end of the pool, where advanced technology developed by the creators of this marvel (Chilean-based Crystal Lagoons) gives the water that transparent look along with the tropical feel water coloration.

san alfonso pool 2One can’t help but to be drawn back to the size, though – at 1.013km long and with a maximum depth of 35m (115ft), those who opt to frolic in these pristine waters actually make use of rowboats and kayaks just to navigate the impressive expanse. Here’s another virtual tour for you:


Marina Bay Sands poolImagine coming “home” to your hotel after a long,  tiring day of shopping for bargain deals in the streets of Singapore and being greeted by this stunning view above. Yes, it may be breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s not a swim we’re in a particular hurry to enjoy. Infinity pools are named that for a reason: they give the illusion of the end of the pool simply dropping away, affording you a clean uninterrupted view of the horizon. The horizon, in this case, just so happens to be 57 stories up in the air; perched on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel:

marina bay sandsmarina bay edgeNonetheless though, it remains as one of the most remarkable swimming pools we’ve ever encountered – would you be brave enough to swim right up to the edge of this 150m-long pool to enjoy your sundowner cocktail? We don’t know about you, but the mere perception of swimming off the “edge of the earth” as it were, is enough to send chills down our spines!


Sanctuary SwalaHow’s that for a pool with a view? The infinity pool which has been constructed at the Sanctuary Swala in Tanzania, has some of the best background scenery imaginable. Sanctuary Swala is pegged as an exclusive safari experience in the heart of Tanzania, with the landscape peppered with ancient baobab trees with some of Africa’s wildlife frequenting the waterhole that the infinity pool overlooks. Sundowners in the stunning pool while watching Africa’s Big 5 in their natural habitat? Now this, we will gladly do thanks!


huvafen-fushi-resort-maldives-4736Yet another pool that is visually close to perfect thanks to the tranquil, beautiful and serene surroundings; the Huvafen Fushi resort’s infinity pool is quite marvelous really. While it is only one of many features of the resort, it’s what the pool does at night that sets it apart from others: with 1,000 fiber optic lights installed in the bottom of the pool, once they get switched on it’s as though the night sky is being mirrored in the water; albeit in a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colours!

Huvafen Fushi Resort poolSeeing as the resort is situated within a private lagoon, the ocean-facing bungalows all have glass floors which allow you to view the marine life below – not to mention the strangely giddy sensation to be experienced whenever looking down!


The St Regis TibetThis reasonably unassuming-looking resort is home to a rather special sort of swimming pool. It may not be the largest indoor pool in the world, but it almost certainly may qualify as one of the most expensive; and this is why:

St Regis poolNo, the water isn’t yellow, and neither is it lemonade or even tinted to give off that golden hue. So, what could it be? Well a cryptic clue was well-hidden in “golden hue” because, well, there’s no other way of saying it: This pool is gold-plated. Now take another look at the pool, and allow that fact to sink in for a moment. According to employees at the St Regis resort in Tibet, apparently the pool helps guests to improve their feelings of spiritual health – we’re not so sure about that claim, but what we are sure of is that it probably ranks very high in the list of “unique experiences” which we all wouldn’t mind doing!
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