Sheriff Wins Lottery Twice

By   November 4, 2014

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Good news stories are what makes the world we live in, which can often be a difficult and harsh one marred by strife and turmoil, worth living in and here we have one just like that. It is of course a lottery related story, about a man who won not once but twice, so keep reading to find out more about how the latest lotto results can work in your favour.


Kenneth Stokes from Norwood in the United States is thrilled with his sudden change of luck having bought two winning lottery tickets on the same day and subsequently a total of $550,000 thanks to  having two winning lottery tickets.


He was planning on paying off his bills, that of his wife as well as his children – until he wins again that is. This is not the first time he has hit the big time with the lottery, it is the third. This Suffolk deputy sheriff first won big a few years ago when a bus cut him off while he was driving around Watertown. He saw the bus’ number plate 0-0-7-1 and decided to play it at a local store which was a good call as he walked out with nearly $100,000.


After this his family decided to buy him a season pass of the Massachusetts Lottery’s “Lucky for Life” game, which plays his lucky numbers twice a week for a year. He forgot about the pass and asked his son to play an extra ticket on the way to the gym. This means that he won $25,000 a year for life – twice. Instead of taking the yearly pay out he decided to take the once off payment making him a whopping $550,000 richer.


According to the Massachusetts Lottery, the odds of winning $25,000 a year for life is one in 985,517. When Stokes found out he had won, he obviously told his immediate family and the clerks at CFM Variety but he kept his newfound wealth a secret from his colleagues who gave him a tough time when he finally let his secret out of the bag.

Since winning, this man who has worked for the sheriff’s department for 22 years has started to plan his retirement and wants to settle in either North Carolina or South Carolina. He has also paid his daughter’s car off and wants to buy his son a new car. With regards to his wife, Stokes has promised that she will be on the receiving end of a number of gifts.

While he would do a little bit of splurging it would be back to saving afterwards. CFM Variety, the store that sold the winning ticket, will receive $5,500 for selling the winning ticket.

If you haven’t had as much luck as Stokes why not check out your lottery horoscope to see if all of this changes? What have you got to lose?