Seven-time lotto winner offers professional tips

By   May 15, 2014

Richard Lustig has told reporters he can’t promise that anyone will win the jackpot, but he can almost certainly help to greatly increase their odds of winning. “I’m the world’s first and only seven time lottery game grand prize winner,” Lustig told reporters in Arizona.

Richard LustigThis may sound like some crazy get-rich-quick scheme if it was not for one concrete fact: Over the span of his “career”, Lustig has successfully cashed in 23 wins for $600 or more since 1993.

Lustig even wrote a 40-page book that operates as a “How To” guide for gamblers. He also said that “Luck” has nothing to do with his winnings.

“It took me years of trial and error and a lot of losses to get to the point where I could play the game so there was a lot less losses and a lot more winners,” Lustig said. His approach to winning so much, and so often, is simple. Basically, he said, respect the odds and play smart. Aspiration“If you are gonna play scratch tickets, you buy ten tickets in a row of the same game,” said Lustig. “People who go through life hoping they’re gonna get lucky are fooling themselves.”

Lustig told reporters using this method works better than just picking random tickets from displays, because it allows the player to eliminate more losing tickets faster and increases the odds that they will get winning tickets. He says getting repeated losing tickets are a sign that a player will eventually get a winner.

“Any common sense would tell you that the next ticket has a good chance of being a winner because there were five straight losers in a row,” he said. The odds of winning larger prizes, like $1,000 or more, drastically increase when you increase the amount you pay for lottery tickets. For instance, a $1 scratch off ticket may have odds of 1 in 120,000 of winning $1,000, but a $25 scratch off ticket may have odds of 1 in 1,333.

scratch cardLustig travels a lot, from appearances on Good Morning America to promotions for Ripley’s Believe It or Not, he shares perhaps the biggest piece of advice he can for potential lottery players – Stay in within a budget that suits your income.