Playing Online Lotteries: The Ultimate Guide

By   April 29, 2014

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and the cinema selection is less than desirable, plus you’ve played every card and board game you can think of, so what can be done to beat the boredom? The world of online lotteries awaits on days like these! It’s the perfect rainy-day activity that could also award you with a large cash prize for your enthusiasm. So how does one go about playing these exciting lottery games online to stand a chance to win the huge cash prizes they offer? It’s surprisingly simple, through one of the leading online lottery concierge services – has worked tirelessly over the past decade to provide an online lottery concierge service like no other. To get started with some of the world’s largest lotteries, follow these steps:



Login1.   Register online with by clicking on this link.
2.   Once registered, the array of international lotteries is available to you, 24/7.


Selecting Lotteries

1.   After logging in, navigate to the PLAY NOW! page.

PLAYNOW2.   Select the lottery you’d like to play from the list on the PLAY NOW! page.
3.   Insert amount of draws you’d like.
4.   Select the draw date of the lottery you’re participating in.

PlayBlock5.   You have a choice between the QuickPick or manually selecting your lotto numbers. Select the “Quick Play Option” from the drop down list below the “Choose Your Span” box, or select the “most often drawn” or “most overdue” numbers, a valued lottery winning method.QuickPick6.   If you’re investing some time into your lottery gaming, manually select your winning lotto numbers from the blue selection box, and don’t forget to enter a bonus ball for those extra prize tiers!


Adding Entries

1.   Once you’ve selected your winning numbers, click on the green “Go” button.

Go2.   Your entry/entries are compiled in a list at the bottom of the page, where you can modify entries as well.
3.   Click on “Continue to checkout” once you have finalized your entries.


Finalizing Entries

1.   Once you’ve clicked on the “Continue to checkout” tab your entries will be listed with the option to add a 2x, 3x or 4x “Multiplier” to your entry.

Multiplier2.   Select your multiplier option or leave it blank, then click on “Continue” and finally the “Continue to payment” tab.

Continue3.   Select your payment method – either deposit funds in variety of methods, use your Visa or Mastercard, NETELLER e-Wallet account, or you may access the Ukash option via a voucher.

PaymentMethods4.   Enter the relevant details for your credit card Ukash or NETELLER accounts then click on “Complete purchase” tab.


Confirmation of Payment

1.   Once you have made your entry payments the payment confirmation notification is sent by email.
2.   Click on the ACCOUNT tab on the right column and select TRANSACTION HISTORY for information about your entry status.

ACCOUNTAnd that’s it! You’ll receive an email detailing your winnings once the relevant draws are complete and results have been tallied. has thought of everything. We offer a special set of play options for those of you who enjoy playing online lottery so much you couldn’t imagine a week without the anticipation and thrills. These are located on the PLAY NOW! page as well, named “INTELLIPLAY”, “BUNDLE”, “RADPIPLAY” and “EXTRA NUMBERS”. Click on one of the icons within the display block to see further information and to activate these exciting play options – which could boost your chances of winning that jackpot your heart desires!