PlayHugeLottos: Win with the Best

By   March 18, 2014

playhuge_screenshotAs far as online lotto ticket providers go, you will be hard-pressed to find any better than What started off as a small service which provided verified entries into the UK National Lottery (as the UK Lotto was formerly known as) way back in 1998, soon experienced a massive growth curve as word of this revolutionary new service spread like wildfire. When the online lotto industry began sprouting its wings, PlayHugeLottos was right there from the very beginning, trailblazing and pioneering the industry; helping it transform into the juggernaut that it is today. We’re dealing with the grandaddy right here, ladies and gentlemen! If ever there was a real deal, would be it.

The original UK Lottery website from 1999

The original UK Lottery website from 1999

As word of the service spread and the demand for more international lottery games grew, PlayHugeLottos always remained at the top of their game. In fact, business was doing so well that in the now-infamous eCommerce internet crash of 2001/2002, PlayHugeLottos was one of the very few online companies who weren’t forced to close their proverbial doors. They attribute much of this success to their strong ethos of business simplicity and integrity, which still shines through in the way they conduct their business these days. Their spotless record of a 100% rate for any winnings obtained via the site has repeatedly given their players total peace of mind whenever they’re playing their favourite lottery online, and has only helped to increase their global footprint.


gamesAs far as the selection of choice international lottery games goes, PlayHugeLottos ranks right up there with the best of ’em. The rich and diverse selection of titles on offer ensures constant engagement with a broad range of lottery enthusiasts from literally all over the world; this gives you the confidence in knowing that you will find a lottery game which perfectly suits your playing style. The fourteen lottery games on offer are all of the highest caliber, with some really high-end jackpot games available for entry – such as the SuperEna Max, a recently-launched lottery game which is based off the venerable Italian SuperEnaLotto. This amazing lotto game is capable of offering jackpots of up to €125,000,000; with the jackpot prize projected to exceed the €100,000,000 mark at least once a month! Or, if you prefer the mega-jackpot US lotto games, then you’ll be in good company with the US Powerball – a game famous for its $590,500,000 jackpot prize awarded to a single winner. This makes it the biggest single-ticket win – ever!


Besides entries to the international lotteries, also accommodates those who are seeking out all the latest lottery-related news and snippets on how the rich and the famous live – after all, what would life be without a bit of inspiration? All this can be found on the News tab on the homescreen. Probably the second-most important part about indulging yourself in an online lotto experience (besides actually playing the lotto, of course), is the excitement of waiting for the latest lotto results to be released. Thankfully though, PlayHugeLottos has a great Results & Winnings interface – meaning that the latest, detailed lotto results will always be available to you as soon as the lottery games have been drawn.

In terms of security and peace of mind, PlayHugeLottos employs some of the most stringent security and encryption protocols on their portal – thus ensuring that your personal information will never be at risk in any way, shape or form. This is especially good to know, since in the event of a jackpot win you’ll naturally have a truckload of cash sitting in your account. What you do with your winnings is entirely up to you – you can either recycle it, and use it to enter even more international lotto games, or you could withdraw a portion of the funds… Or withdraw it all! It’s your winnings, after all. First-time players are recommended to check out the How to Play section for a quick five-step tutorial. has a world-class, friendly and ultra-efficient Live Help team which can be contacted via email, telephone, fax or the Live Chat feature on the website. Fluent in over a dozen languages (thanks to the website being hosted in over a dozen languages!), you can take comfort in knowing that in the rare event of you experiencing any form of difficulty while transacting or browsing the site, help is a mere mouse click away!

Overall, the team is thoroughly impressed with the quality, service and the reputation which comes with – market leaders? They most certainly are. They get our full approval!

5 stars