EuroJackpot Lottery

Even though the EuroJackpot game can still be considered relatively young (with its first draw only taking place during March 2012), during its short stint of existence it has already left an indelible impression on players and lovers of this European lottery. While the bulk of the European countries were able to participate in the “bigger sibling” EuroMillions game, the residents of pan-European countries were not as fortunate. So, it was for this reason that they opted to pool their collective resources and devise their very own lottery game.

The EuroJackpot game utilizes a lotto structure very similar to its counterpart, the EuroMillions game. As such, players are required to select five numbers from a numbered range of 50 balls, as well as an additional two numbers from a selection of a possible eight. Should you as a player succeed in correctly matching your selection of seven numbers to the numbers which are drawn (or a combination thereof), then congratulations – you are either a tier winner if you have a combination of numbers, or a jackpot winner if all seven numbers match correctly! There are 11 tiers in which to place with the EuroJackpot lottery, so your chances of walking away with a prize of sorts are actually pretty good. The odds of securing a single-ticket jackpot win are also considerably better than the EuroMillions game – 1 in 59 million players have a chance of being a jackpot winner with the EuroJackpot lotto.

The draws take place once a week – every Friday night – and are drawn in Helsinki, Finland. The biggest jackpot won to date in the EuroJackpot game has been a considerable €46,079,337 – which, in anybody’s language and calculations, is quite a win!