The UK Lotto


With its very first draw being held all the way back in November of 1994, the UK Lotto is a full decade older than the EuroMillions lotto game. They say, with great age comes great wisdom – and in this case, we can constitute “age” for “likeability”. The UK Lotto to this day still remains as one of the most popular lottery games – globally. Even though the jackpot prizes seldom exceed £10 million and are only limited to four consecutive rollovers, these trifling little facts have done nothing to deter lotto fanatics from every corner of the globe from wanting to experience the fulfillment that only being a part of the UK Lotto game can give you.

Despite the jackpot prize seldom rising over £10 million, this does not mean that it’s a Scrooge-type lottery game. On the contrary, its biggest jackpot prize to date has been a startling £42 million, following a double rollover in January 1996. The UK Lotto also benefits from surprise Super Draws, where the jackpot amount will usually be £10 million, without having rollovers or ticket sales affect the value of the prize.

The UK Lotto is actually one of the most straightforward lottery games to participate in. Unlike other lotteries which are drawn from two ball pools (sometimes more), the UK Lotto follows a simple 6/49 structure. In layman’s terms, this means that you as the player is required to select six numbers out of a possible 49. In order to secure a jackpot win, the six numbers that you have played needs to correctly match the six numbers which get drawn. In addition to the six balls, the UK Lotto system will also automatically draw another “Bonus Ball” (whose number you do not select). This Bonus Ball serves no purpose other than to create a second prize tier (match five +  Bonus Ball).

The game gets drawn twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday night at 20h00 GMT. Play the UK Lotto today, and see why this scintillating lottery game with its truly remarkable odds has become a firm favourite amongst punters all around the world!

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