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In terms of the European lottery games, there are some truly delightful gems which come with their own dedicated fan base. These players firmly believe their chosen lottery game to be the best in the world, and truthfully they aren’t all that far off the mark. The European lottery games are indeed some of the most widely-played international lottos, and for good reason too – besides being insanely popular, they also offer some truly amazing jackpots which are guaranteed to make you sit up and pay attention.


Here at, we strive to offer you only the cream of the crop in terms of international lottery selection. The biggest lottery game currently being played in Europe has to undoubtedly be the EuroMillions game. Even though it can be considered to be a relatively “young” lottery game, it still has seen jackpot prizes to the tune of €190 million! This definitely makes it one of the international lottery games to watch, and is incredibly exciting to participate in as well. While the UK Lotto may not be as extravagant in terms of its jackpot payouts, it remains one of the most easy-to-win lottery games in the world, offering remarkable odds of either securing a tier or (better yet) jackpot win! Further proof of this can be provided with a look at the rollover cap imposed on the UK Lotto. Generally a jackpot can either be uncapped, or limited to about twelve rollovers or so before it either limits itself at that cap, or gets rolled down to lower prize tiers. In the case of the UK Lotto game, however, it’s rollover cap is a rather surprising four rollovers – and if the jackpot still hasn’t been won by then, the prize monies will get rolled down to the next prize tier and be distributed amongst the winners placing in that tier.


Both these premier international lottery games are available on If they tickle your fancy in any way, shape or form then you’re more than welcome to participate in either of these games – or both, if you feel so inclined!

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