The most beautiful place to enjoy your lottery winnings…?

By   March 6, 2014

Playing an international lotto game is not only an exciting experience overall, but its one of those rare events that has the ability to allow you to experience an entire range of emotions within a relatively short space of time. There’s the excitement of playing your favourite lucky lotto numbers online, then once you’ve submitted them the nerves set in. You cannot help but to wonder to yourself, “Am I sure about my number selection? Shouldn’t I have played 27 instead of 28?” Then, the anticipation starts building up as the hours tick down to the draw. And finally… The sheer unadulterated elation upon discovering that you’ve just won a full jackpot prize! This is the allure of playing international lottery games, so now that you’re an individual of considerable wealth – a celebration is most certainly in order, wouldn’t you agree? Not to mention a nice quiet getaway, as the news of your newfound wealth is sure to spread like wildfire. You’ll need a safe haven to escape to for a few days/weeks/months (take your pick – you can afford it!), and the team at can confidently recommend an excellent exit strategy to you!

namale 3What has been described as “A hauntingly beautiful retreat. It is perfection itself” by Architectural Digest, Namale Fiji Resort & Spa is the perfect escape for those looking for their own personal slice of heaven on earth. As far as visually striking and naturally stunning locations go, Namale couldn’t be placed any better. It is the quintessential blend of perfection, seclusion, serenity, privacy and excitement – you really do not get any better than that! It is so beautiful in fact, that a host of influential celebrities and executives frequent the resort whenever the crazy pace of life gets a bit too much for them. Big names such as Russell Crowe, Edward Norton, Mike Myers, Meg Ryan, music producer Quincy Jones and even fashion icon Donna Karan have all fallen in love with Namale’s charm and seductive allure. It’s not hard to see why, though…

Namale outside 2Namale is officially Fiji’s #1 all-inclusive resort and spa, offering world-class luxury accommodation in their exclusive bures (Fijian for “home”), gourmet dining at its finest thanks to Chef Joeli’s superb talents, and award-winning spa facilities. The resort has won multiple awards, some of which include:

  • Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012
  • #1 Spa in Fiji – Luxury Spa Finder Magazine
  • The Ultimate #1 Honeymoon Suite in Fiji; #5 in the world – Modern Bride Magazine
  • Overall Winner, Luxury category – TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards
  • Placed in the “Top 50 Most Romantic Places on Earth” – Luxury Magazine

With such warm accolades under its belt, Namale is guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime for you and your loved ones – you may not want to leave it, especially once you’ve experienced the world-famous Namale Spa:

Namale SpaNamale’s Spa and Sanctuary is a 10,000 square foot facility nestled upon a volcanic rock, and close to a gorgeous tropical rainforest. Besides the treatment packages available, guests are also able to enjoy the pinnacle of a hydrotherapy experience – the hydrotherapy area comes complete with hot tubs, a steam room, a pool and waterfall-dipping pool, which affords a stunning view over the Koro Sea.

namale buroShould you wish to indulge every sense, take advantage of the Spa and Sanctuary’s legendary “Ultimate Indulgence Moonlight Magic” package. For $999FJD (Fijian Dollars), you and your partner are treated to 105 minutes of sheer unadulterated bliss. It begins with a milk bath foot soak, which is followed by a sublime 90 minute massage with sensual oils, all while being surrounded by the soothing-yet-intoxicating scent of candles and fresh local flowers. Once your Moonlight Magic massage has come to an end, you and your partner receive full use of a private hydrotherapy room, ending off with a gourmet dinner brought to you at your own private bure.

Namale sunset diningAs a guest of Namale, you are appointed your own private villa, also known as a “bure”. These are situated either in a Garden Tropical venue – rich in lava pinnacles, lush jungle backdrops, and amongst tropical rain trees – or in an Ocean Tropical venue, which offers breathtaking views of the Koro Sea and Pacific Ocean. These bures draw inspiration and design cues from modern, native and traditional architecture and feature a bedroom, sitting area, and full bathroom with sliding doors which opens to a private deck. These bures go for between $1,170 – $2,760 per night.

Namale bureNamale-outdoor bedFor those looking to mix a bit of adventure in with the copious amounts of relaxation you’re indulging in, you’ll be delighted to know that there are a plethora of activities to participate in which are guaranteed to be great fun. From land exploring (hikes through the rainforests of Fiji) right through to watersports and everything in between, Namale Resort & Spa should be the number 1 destination for yourself and your loved ones as soon as you’ve won the jackpot in your favourite lottery game.

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