Most Eccentric Billionaires

By   September 12, 2014



People are unique and some of us have quirkier habits than others. If you have millions or billions in the bank people just have to tolerate your more interesting habits. If you are someone who has been called a ‘character’ at the best of times and you enjoy playing the lotto online here are some ideas about how you could be living with your Euro Millions, UK Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Jackpot and Mega Sena winnings.



Howard Hughes




As the heir to an oil tool drilling fortune, Hughes certainly had the money to keep up an eccentric lifestyle. He started off by putting some of his wealth into the film industry, producing Hollywood blockbusters and taking starlets to bed. He then got into aviation and after suffering from a terrible accident when he plunged into a Beverly Hills neighbourhood with his experimental Hughes XF-11 his ‘eccentricities’ intensified. For instance, he spent months in a darkened room without taking a bath, relieving himself in bottles and living off chocolate, chicken and milk. He had severe obsessive compulsive disorder and germophobia and the chronic pain as a result of the accident left him addicted to painkillers. When he died in 1976, he was so unkempt fingerprints were needed to identify his body.


Peter Thiel




The co-founder of PayPal has interests everywhere. His true passion lies in his philanthropy where he invests in weird, life changing technologies. His interests include human immortality, building ocean going floating cities (which he believes are needed for the survival of our species) and artificial intelligence.


Robert Durst




The son of the real estate magnate Seymour Durst is living proof that if you have enough money you can literally get away with murder. He started to lose his marbles at the age of seven when he saw his mother jump off the roof of the family home and commit suicide. In 1982 his wife Katleen disappeared and the body was never found. When the case was reopened, Susan Berman, a friend of Robert’s was found shot to death in an execution like murder in her home. Eventually reports emerged that Susan had information regarding Kathleen’s disappearance that he didn’t want to appear. In 2001, the body parts of an elderly were discovered floating in Galveston Bay. He was arrested but posted bail and left town. He was caught while trying to steal a chicken sandwich from a supermarket even though he had $37,500 cash on him. Thanks to expensive lawyers and all of his wealth he was only charged with skipping bail and tampering with evidence. He went to prison for a short period of time and now lives in a townhouse in New York where his terrified neighbours watch him closely.


Ingvar Kamprad




The founder of IKEA is known for extremely frugal. Apparently he drives a 20 year old Volvo, reuses tea bags and steals salt and pepper packets from restaurants. His home is furnished with furniture from IKEA which he has assembled himself and his home looks like any standard suburban one. Kamprad was linked to the pro-fascist movement that swept through Europe in the 1940s. The shadiest part of his empire could easily be just how much of IKEA he owns. The company is set up as an enormously complicated tax shelter and charity. Apparently Kamprad doesn’t control much of it but it could be that the man who waits until after Christmas to buy gifts on sale is one of the richest people on the planet.


If you like the idea of being somewhat different from the normal lottery winner who spends his or her online lottery winnings on things like cars, property and holidays abroad you can certainly go the route of Howard Hughes, Peter Thiel or Ingvar Kamprad. Just remember to play lottery online!