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If you are anything like the author of this post, you will know that the argument that creativity comes from messy desks is just an excuse to keep things scattered and all over the place. When you do eventually get around to cleaning out your desk and making space for more paper, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Just like in the case of this lucky lottery winner who realised how beneficial it can be to clean up – even if it is only once in a while. Keep reading to find out  more!


Ron Yurcus, from Glen Ellyn in Illinois in the United States of America was simply trying to make space on his desk when he found a winning million dollar US Powerball ticket that he had bought at a gas station an entire two months ago. There were about twelve lottery tickets that had piled up on his desk which he was cleaning up to make space for his computer when he checked the numbers online and realised he had won $1 million in the August 22, 2012 draw. When he realised he had won he just screamed.


Along with his wife, he put the winning lottery ticket away in a safety deposit box for safe keeping until they could head to the Illinois Lottery to claim the life changing prize. He told the press he was planning on travelling and sharing his good fortune with others. Having always given their time and energy to worthy causes, the couple are delighted to provide the organisations they love with financial help as well. The first place he wants to visit is Lithuania which is where his family is originally from. There will probably be a few other trips along the way!


Other things that this fortunate soul should consider doing is investing his money so that it can grow and make him even wealthier. That way he won’t run out of cash like so many lottery players end up being after a few years.


A lot of lottery players also invest in new property – just remember to keep it modest as most lottery winners end up discovering that the fancy mansion they thought would suit them is too overwhelming. This is why so many lottery winners end up selling these homes at later stage and going for something more modest.


If you would like to be as fortunate as this wonderful (if somewhat scatter-brained) and fortunate man, why not get things going by checking out your lottery horoscope for some inspiration? Oh, and play the  lotto online instead and see if your winning lottery numbers come up – that way you wont lose your ticket on your messy desk!