Midweek Lotto Madness: The News

By   May 28, 2014

happy lotto winnersHey international lotto fans! After our weekend lotto review, we thought it would be good to give you a quick update on how this lotto gaming week has shaped up to be thus far – interesting, to say the least! With four of the international lotto games being drawn last night (Tuesday, 27 May 2014) – and jackpots being claimed – it’s time to take a look at the games that have passed, the games which will be drawn this evening, as well as the games and jackpot prizes to look forward to in the upcoming weekend draws.

So, sit back, relax – grab a cup of steaming hot coffee if that’s your preference – and begin plotting on your dream lucky lotto number combination that will see you raking in stupendously large jackpot prize winnings – we may even throw in a hot tip on which lottery game to keep an eye on, thanks to a fantastic nine-digit jackpot currently at stake!
UKLottery Bannereuromillions-logo-BW-longIn the Tuesday instalment of the EuroMillions lotto game, Europe’s premier lotto game put its best foot forward with a €66,000,000 jackpot prize on offer – that equates to awesome winnings in any language or currency! All that was needed to take home a top prize tier jackpot win, was the correct combination of five main numbers as well as the all-important two bonus Lucky Star numbers – unfortunately for this round though, there were no players who were able to correctly do so. This means that the jackpot prize has rolled over yet again; meaning that the upcoming Friday draw will be bringing a €78,000,000 jackpot prize to the party!

Down in the game’s second prize tier, there were six players who were able to get awfully close to a jackpot win, narrowly missing out thanks to matching up all five main numbers but only one of the bonus Lucky Star numbers. Nevertheless though, for their remarkable efforts in the game they were each awarded with a fairly substantial payout amounting to €192,200 for each player – well done to those who placed in this division. Down in the game’s third prize tier, there were eleven players who matched up all five main numbers only, leaving each one of them with a €34,945 payout. In the fourth prize tier – the last of the well-paying rounds – there were only 62 players who matched up only four main numbers, but both Lucky Star numbers too. Another near miss, although its one that still managed to pay out each of these players a respectable €3,100.

Thanks to the jackpot rollover, entries into Friday’s draw are sure to see a sharp increase – so be sure to beat the rush by playing the EuroMillions online from the comfort of your own home, and aim to take home that amazing €78 million jackpot prize! Those who would like the detailed breakdown of the EuroMillions results & winnings can view them below:

Mega Millions logo BW narrowThe US Mega Millions, arguably one of the biggest lotto games on the face of this planet, opened its Tuesday draw with a relatively conservative $20,000,000 jackpot prize – this came after a major jackpot win on Tuesday, 20 May 2014 where a $149,000,000 prize went home with one extremely lucky winner. While the game opens with a guaranteed minimum jackpot prize of $15,000,000, thanks to two consecutive rollovers the Friday draw will be seeing a $26,000,000 jackpot being offered to players. This is what happened down in the game’s prize tiers:

In the second prize tier, there were only two players who were able to match up all five main numbers only; and for doing so, they were each able to claim the Mega Millions’ unique guaranteed divisional prize of $1,000,000 to every player who was able to secure a win. Well done to these players! Down in the third prize tier, there were 23 players who matched up four of the main numbers, but backed up their claim by also correctly matching up the bonus Mega Ball. Each of these players saw a $5,000 prize being paid out for their efforts in the game; while down in the fourth prize tier there were 275 players who matched up four of the main numbers only which left each of them with a $500 payout – still not bad for a few minutes’ worth of lotto playing!

While we all know that the biggest-ever jackpot prize awarded by the US Mega Millions has been a phenomenal $656 million, the $26 million jackpot prize currently on offer for the upcoming Friday (30 May 2014) draw may seem pretty tame in comparison – but don’t let that deter you in any way; be sure to play US Mega Millions online today to be entered into this hugely popular international lotto game! Those who would like to view the detailed Mega Millions results & winnings structure are invited to do so below:

oz_lotto_logoIn the Oz Lotto, Australia’s biggest national lottery game which just so happens to be enjoyed by players from all over the world, opened with a pretty hefty jackpot prize – a grand $27,711,600; which constitutes some serious winnings within this game. After a lengthy rollover run, it was finally broken by not only one, but two jackpot prize winners – meaning each player was able to reel in $13,855,800; a hearty congratulations to each one of them!

The game’s generosity never ended in the top prize tier; down in the second division, there were 18 players who matched up six main numbers as well as a Bonus ball to see $19,091 being paid out to each one of them. In the third prize tier, there were 188 players who matched up six main numbers only, and this saw them each scoring $3,763 in prize monies. Down in the fourth tier, there were 1,217 Oz Lotto enthusiasts who enjoyed some measure of success within the game, thanks to their matching up of five main numbers as well as one bonus ball. For them doing so, each player was able to take home a $299 win.

With the jackpot prize being claimed, players have a week to carefully pick out their desired lucky lotto number combination before opting to play Oz Lotto online – a $1,800,000 jackpot prize awaits the player who is lucky enough to choose wisely! The next draw will be taking place on Tuesday, 3 June 2014; so the very best of luck to all participants! The detailed Oz Lotto results & winnings can be found below:

franceloto logo BW narrowIn our previous lotto review, we made mention of the FranceLoto and its current jackpot and how it could potentially roll over yet again – remember, this is a lotto game that gets drawn thrice a week, thus maximizing the opportunity for players to walk away with a jackpot win. After a number of consecutive rollovers though, the Monday draw actually proved to be fruitful for one lucky participant, when the full €11,000,000 jackpot on offer got snapped up thanks to a correct number combination of all five main numbers as well as the bonus ball – the FranceLoto proves yet again why it is so popular amongst the international lotto crowd!

In the second prize tier, there was also a single player who was able to match up all five main numbers only, meaning that the entire prize tier allocation went directly to this player – €194,639 to be exact. In the third prize tier, there was a substantial amount of winners placing in this division; 284 players matched up four main numbers only, resulting in €1,475 in winnings being paid out to each one.

Looking ahead to tonight’s Wednesday draw, the game will be opening with a €2,000,000 jackpot prize – if you would like to pit your A-game against this lottery’s odds, then we urge you to play FranceLoto online soonest to have your numbers registered for the draw – if you miss out on the cut off time, your numbers will be entered into the next available draw (Saturday, 31 May 2014). Detailed FranceLoto results & winnings can be found below:

Go from Zero to Hero at www.playeuromillions.comSeeing as we’re into the midweek phase, there are four international lotto games to be drawn this evening – and these are the jackpot amounts on offer for each one of these games:

  • UK Lotto – £2,200,000 expected jackpot prize
  • US Powerball – $152,000,000 expected jackpot prize
  • Brazilian MegaSena lotto – $1,300,000 expected jackpot prize
  • FranceLoto – €2,000,000 expected jackpot prize

If you would like to enter into any one of these excellent lottery games, you are welcomed to do so by clicking on any of the links provided to be redirected to the game’s respective play page – happy lotto playing!