Mega Millions Forecast – $100 million Up for Grabs!

By   February 20, 2015

It’s no secret that the US Lotto games are amongst the most popular games in the world, offering players the chance of walking away as multimillionaires.  Things aren’t any different for the next Mega Millions draw!  Once you’ve seen the latest results and what’s on offer this weekend, it won’t take you very long to get clicking to start winning:

Mega Millions logo BW narrow

The latest Mega Millions draw on Tuesday (17th February) wasn’t successful in placing any jackpot winners this time around.  There were no players who were able to match the five main numbers as well as the Mega ball, which left the first tier empty.  The single player in the second prize tier who matched the five main numbers started off the winnings, claiming a high $1 million – a prize anyone would be more than happy to win!  Well done to this new millionaire!  There were 21 players in the third prize tier who were each granted with their guaranteed winnings of $5, 000 for matching four main numbers and the Mega ball.  In the fourth prize tier, $500 was awarded to each of the 321 players who were successful in matching four of the five main numbers.  With winnings of $50, the fifth prize tier placed 1537 players who were lucky enough to match three of the main numbers plus the Mega ball.  The sixth prize tier brought in as many as 22444 players who walked away with $5.  These players matched two main numbers and the Mega ball correctly.  Another $5 was rewarded to each of the 35865 players in the seventh prize tier who matched three main numbers.  For matching one main number and the Mega ball, the eighth prize tier grouped 315338 players who each won $2.  In the ninth tier, the last prize tier, $1 was given to each of the 866944 players who matched the Mega ball only.  All of the detailed results of the most recent draw are provided in the table below:

With no one to scoop up the jackpot prize in the last draw, there’s some good news for all you dedicated players – a rollover result, of course!  The next draw will be taking place on Friday (20th February), and now has an estimated jackpot prize of a mind-blowing $100 million available.

After having a look at these lotto results, it’s even easier to understand that the best way to get a whole lot richer is to play the lotto online.  The only stressful part about playing the online lottery is making your lucky number selection.  To make things more convenient for you, why not take a look at your lottery horoscope, which is sure to send you in the right direction.  Good luck to all of those who will be stepping up to the challenge and placing their entries for the upcoming draw!