By   January 14, 2015



Since it is officially a brand new year with all of its hopes and expectations about what we are going to achieve. In order to kick the year off on a good note, here is a feel good story about someone who has won big and either done something awesome with their winnings after the latest lotto results have worked in their favour. Here is the story of a man who was helping people through one of the most devastating events in their lives – losing everything due to a natural disaster. Keep reading to find out more!


John Turner, 38, had travelled to New Jersey from Chicago in 2012 to help clean up after the devastating aftermath that was Hurricane Katrina. The man runs National Catastrophe Solutions of Chicago, a local water removal business which is why he decided to travel to the disaster stuck area.


Along with his staff members he was helping clean up after many people had lost everything. For those who didn’t have insurance or couldn’t afford to pay for his service he was doing it for free. After a particularly long and arduous Sunday of cleaning, he decided to buy a New Jersey scratch off card. Within a few minutes he was a cool $100,000 wealthier.


Being in utter disbelief he repeatedly asked the employees of the store where the winning lottery ticket was bought to confirm his win. After realising the win was his, he decided to phone various family members to tell them the good news.


The total jackpot comes to about $70,000 after taxes. John said he was planning on investing more in his business. Given the devastating effects that climate change and global warming has had on our weather systems, this is probably a good idea. Incidents like Hurricane Katrina are set to increase over the next few years after all. He also wants to give to his church and help a family in need through a donation.


He would also do well to invest in a new home, if he has family members. After all of his hard work helping those in need a well deserved holiday should also be on  the cards. We all need a break and no one deserves it more than this generous man who goes out of way when people need it most. Another thing he might want to do is treat himself. Whatever he does, the man surely deserves more than a lot of lottery winners out there!


If you want to get as lucky as this fortunate man and change your life as well as the lives of others for the better, why not check out your lottery horoscope for some inspiration so you can start winning big? Who knows, with all the incredible jackpots out there, you could be the next big winner!