Lucky Penny Leads to £1.8 million Lottery Win

By   February 19, 2015

Winning the lottery is often about how lucky you are.  In some cases, it’s even the players who are feeling lucky on that particular day who hit the big time and end up walking away with more money than they could have ever imagined.  Here’s what happened to one lottery player who took the saying “see a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck” literally.  It’s a good thing he did though, because he became a millionaire sooner than he could have ever hoped for:

Sean Lloyd

After picking up a shiny coin outside a shop near Manchester only moments before heading in to purchase his lottery ticket, Sean Lloyd had no idea that he would soon become one of the latest instant millionaires.  The coin which this bus driver found on the ground led to a lottery windfall as high as £1.8 million!  This husband and father-of-four had even rubbed his ticket with the penny to make sure that he had extra good fortune – and it’s a good thing that he did!

The 48-year-old had just finished his shift on the bus and was about to get himself lunch when he found the coin and felt lucky.  He decided to check whether he had winning lottery numbers that night before getting into bed.  Thinking that he had matched only five of the numbers, he was already thrilled that he would now have some more money to pay towards his daughter’s wedding bill.  It didn’t take him too long to realize that he matched the bonus ball too, which got him to jump up and share the news with his wife.  Not much sleep was had after that, with the couple having a few celebratory drinks and phoning their children to share the good news with them.  The day after he found he was a winner, he handed in his notice at work without any hesitation.  He now looks forward to living a wonderful life, one where he will be able to pay off all of his debts and his mortgage, and of course take his family on a dream holiday too.  Lloyd is now convinced that he will win again, and will carry on playing the lottery until he hits the big time.

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