Lucky Couple Scoop Up £1 million in National Lottery

By   February 27, 2015

A couple, who have been partners for 19 years, have attributed their life-changing luck to a penny which they found while shopping a discount store while treating themselves on Valentine’s Day.  The couple from Virginia Water were celebrating with burgers and a few cans of lager before they found out that they had just won as much as £1 million in the National Lottery.


Richard Thursby and Sally Cloke said that it was because they found a lucky penny on their spending spree that they were fortunate enough to hit the big time.  Along with their two daughters and son, they have been living in a terraced house for six years.  Working night shifts as a specialist care, Sally takes care of people with Alzheimer’s.  While the couple were shopping, she said that a penny on the ground caught her eye.  Once she picked it up, her husband told her that they will definitely be having some good luck now.  After finding out that they had won the lottery, Richard said:

“Little did I think just how much luck we were due to enjoy, had I known I’d have bought her a meal a little classier than the fast food outlet we visited”.

The day after they had bought their ticket is when they realized that were in possession of some winning lottery numbers, but had originally thought that they had only one £20, 000.  Once they arrived at the post office they discovered that they had just become instant millionaires.  Along with some of their family member, the coupled decided to eat out and celebrate the news of their win.  The plans that they have for how they would like to spend their new fortune includes buying their own house and getting some new tools for Richard, who has been a carpenter for more than 35 years.  Their win didn’t stop Richard from going to work the next day, with him heading in to retain a bit of normality.  The couple also plan on getting a car, but not anything top of the range.  A final payment can now also be made on Richard’s work van, which has been stressing him out for way too long.  Before their big lottery win, they had been struggling with money and looking after their family.  Sally had always said that if they win the lottery, she will marry Richard.  Well, we’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we?

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