LottoOnline1’s Midweek Lotto Update | 11 June ’14

By   June 11, 2014

play lotto online, online lotto, lotto results, international lottoIt’s been quite an intense few days as far as all our favourite international lotto games; although there were two games in particular which seemed to draw an awful lot of attention – but that’s no real surprise, seeing as both games came laden with huge nine-digit jackpot prizes! We will be getting to those fantastic lotto games in a moment; as well as giving you a brief lotto results breakdown of the draws which took place over the weekend, as well as the lotto draws which have taken place thus far, as well as the upcoming draws for the remainder of the week which will logically lead to the weekend draws again. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!
Live Your DreamsKicking off with last week’s Friday evening draws (6 June 2014), the first game up for discussion – and indeed, a game sporting one of the biggest current jackpot amounts, was the biggest Euro lotto game being played all over the world: the EuroMillions lottery. The Friday draw in particular attracted a huge amount of attention; thanks to it being the ultra-rare and insanely exciting EuroMillions Superdraw! For those who aren’t in the know about this great special draw, the gameplay is no different to any other EuroMillions draw – but the jackpot prize on offer? Well; it’s quite significantly higher – a €105,000,000 guaranteed jackpot prize! With nine digits being on offer, it’s little surprise then that the draw attracted as much attention as it did. All that was required in order to achieve instant “multimillionaire” status thanks to a jackpot win, was to correctly match up five main numbers, as well as both all-important Lucky Star bonus numbers. Unfortunately for those who had entered into the game with aspirations of winning, none were able to snatch up the top tier prize. This meant that the jackpot prize would roll over to the next draw; which took place last night (Tuesday, 10 June 2014). The rollover also meant an increased jackpot value, and Tuesday’s draw saw €118,000,000 on offer. Yet again, no jackpot winner was announced – so for the upcoming draw which will be taking place this coming Friday, 13 June 2014 players who will be entering into the game can look forward to an immense €135,000,000 jackpot prize up for grabs. If you would like to be a part of this enthralling action, and if you think you have what it takes to get the better of a traditionally unlucky day, then be sure to play EuroMillions online to be entered! Here are the detailed EuroMillions results for Tuesday’s draw:

The next Friday evening lotto game which went up for draw, was the US Mega Millions; one of the most popular, most lucrative lotteries in the world. For this draw though, the game opened with a relatively modest $45,000,000 jackpot prize on offer, which went by unclaimed. This meant a rollover result for the Tuesday game, and when the results were released from last night’s draw for a $55,000,000 jackpot it was a repeat of Friday evening’s results – no winners were to be found in the top prize tier. Thanks to this most recent rollover, those who will be entering into the upcoming Friday 13 June draw will now have a $66,000,000 jackpot prize on offer – so be sure to play US Mega Millions online today if you would like your opportunity to compete in this world-famous international lotto game for some spectacular winnings! Here are the Mega Millions results for the most recent draw:

And finally, rounding up our Friday draw review, the EuroJackpot game was next up for some LottoOnline1 attention. Opening with a €13,000,000 jackpot prize and with an identical gaming structure to the EuroMillions (coincidentally, the game’s bigger sibling), there were no players who were able to correctly match up the five main numbers and both bonus Euro Numbers. Thanks to this, the jackpot prize has rolled over yet again; and will now have a €15,000,000 reason why you should be playing EuroJackpot online; so be sure to submit your lucky lotto number combination to be entered into the upcoming Friday 13 June draw! Here are the detailed EuroJackpot results & winnings for the most recent draw: - win up to 42 million PoundsRounding up on the Saturday evening draws, there was yet another major international lotto game which also brought with it an even bigger nine-digit jackpot prize than the EuroMillions – but we’ll save that one for last! In the meantime though, the UK Lotto had yet another opportunity to demonstrate why this game is one of the most prominent of all, thanks to the amazing winnings odds offered up by the game. These impressive odds have seen to it that the jackpot prize on offer usually gets claimed with almost every single draw; and Saturday’s was no exception. With the game opening with a £4,795,530 jackpot prize, we knew that invariably the prize would be won – but we had no idea it would be by no less than six players! Yes, that’s correct; there were six players in total who had the great fortune (or angst, depending on which way you choose to view it) of correctly matching up the required six numbers in order to secure a jackpot win. Congratulations to each and every one of these players, although we’re not quite sure what their feelings may have been on the news that they’d have to share their jackpot winnings with five other players. Thanks to this win, the jackpot has reverted back to the £2,200,000 guaranteed minimum ahead of tonight’s midweek draw (Wednesday, 11 June 2014); so if you would like to stand one of the best chances of securing a jackpot prize, then best you play UK Lotto online soonest in order to have your numbers verified into the draw in time! For those who would like to see a detailed UK Lotto results and winnings table, we invite you to view below:

Keeping within the theme of lotto jackpot winners, there was more success to be seen in the MegaSena lotto; South America’s biggest, and the most-loved by the locals thanks to the many charitable donations which are enabled via this lottery game. For the most recent Saturday draw, the game opened with a $14,005,439 jackpot prize on offer – and success was attained for a very lucky single-ticket holder, who had the great satisfaction of being able to claim the win as being rightfully theirs! A huge congratulations to the winner; and thanks to the top prize being claimed the game will now be opening with its guaranteed minimum of $1,300,000 ahead of the draw this evening (Wednesday, 11 June 2014). If you would like to not only compete for some great jackpot winnings, but help enable community-based projects, then we encourage you to play MegaSena online soonest to be entered into the draw! Here are the detailed MegaSena results for those who are interested:

Another Euro lotto game which had its most recent draw on Monday, with the previous draw taking place on Saturday, and with an upcoming draw this evening… It’s none other than the FranceLoto; the only international lotto game to be drawn thrice a week! In Saturday’s draw, the game had opened with a €6,000,000 jackpot prize – which went by unclaimed, resulting in an increased jackpot value thanks to the rollover ahead of the Monday draw. When that draw took place, yet again there were no winners announced in the game, resulting in yet another rollover for tonight’s draw; bringing along with it an €8,000,000 jackpot prize – definitely a prize worth playing for. So, if you’re keen on beating the midweek blues and stand a good chance of walking away with an international lotto jackpot win, then we suggest playing FranceLoto online to be entered into tonight’s draw! These are the detailed FranceLoto results & winnings:

Finally, this brings us upon the one incredibly lucrative international lotto brand which has the world talking; the very same game famed for its biggest-ever $590.5 million single-ticket jackpot win – the US Powerball.
Live the American dream at PlayUSAlotteries.comAfter enjoying numerous consecutive rollovers which saw the game’s $40,000,000 guaranteed minimum jackpot prize swelling all the way up to a stellar $221,000,000 for the most recent Saturday draw, again no players were able to correctly match up those required winning numbers in order to achieve maximum success within the game. With yet another rollover safely tucked under its belt, the game will now be offering up over a quarter of a billion dollar’s worth in winnings; $257,000,000 to be exact! With such an amazing jackpot prize up for grabs in the game, you best ensure that you play US Powerball online right now in order to be entered within time for tonight’s draw! For the latest round of US Powerball results, please see below:

That concludes our midweek international lotto game roundup, ladies and gents – remember to check back to for all your latest lotto results. To those who will be entering into their favourite lotto game, we wish you the very best of luck – aim for those jackpot prizes!