US Powerball Results

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The US Powerball is another great US lotto game which towers above the rest of its peers – after all, this game comes with a proud and lucrative heritage which it isn’t at all shy about! While it may be similar to its other mega-jackpot sibling (the US Mega Millions) in that it is also a shared jackpot game which is played throughout various US jurisdictions – and indeed, throughout the world as well – the US Powerball does, however, have a very special calling card which sets it apart from the other lotto games on a number of fronts.

Firstly, the game can proudly lay claim to the biggest single-ticket jackpot win ever awarded to a player; a gob-smacking $590.5 million which was won in May 2013. This feat alone sets this game apart as a force to be reckoned with; and one which can make its jackpot winners seriously rich. The other factor which sets this game apart is the fact that it also sports a magnificent guaranteed starting jackpot prize of $40,000,000 – which in itself is quite a phenomenal win! As with the US Mega Millions, players who end up in the second prize tier can be assured of their $1,000,000 guaranteed winnings per player for placing in this division.


Those who wish to enter the US Powerball international lotto game are required to make a selection of five main numbers from a selection of 1-59 numbers, while the additional (and all-important) bonus Powerball number gets selected from a possible range of 1-35 numbers. The correct 5+1 combination, if the player is fortunate enough to have chosen the winning lotto numbers, will result in a jackpot win. For those who match up some of the main numbers (including the Powerball), there are nine (9) prize tiers in which players are also able to place.

The US Powerball gets drawn twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday at 23h00 ET. All the latest US Powerball results & winnings will be made available on this page as soon as they have been verified by the game’s auditors.