US Mega Millions Results

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The US Mega Millions is, as its name suggests, a mega jackpot game with its roots firmly entrenched in US soil. It reigns as one of the biggest lotto games – not only on its home turf, but in the world as well. Ever since its inception in 1996 the game has continued to amass an incredible amount of support from local and international players, and to date is played in 45 US jurisdictions and also sees participants from other parts of the world, thanks to online lotto ticket service providers such as

It’s probably best-known for its $656,000,000 shared jackpot win which was claimed by three lucky ticket holders in March 2012; an absolutely immense figure – although it has gained an equal amount of popularity thanks to its guaranteed $1,000,000 second tier prize to any player who is able to place within this division. The game’s starting guaranteed jackpot prize is $15,000,000 and it enjoys no rollover or jackpot prize cap – meaning the game will continue to increase in value after every draw in which the jackpot prize isn’t claimed; all the way until it is won.


During each live draw of the US Mega Millions, the winning numbers are selected from two separate ball drums: Five numbers from the first drum, and a single number from the second drum. As a player in the game, you are required to make your number selection as follows: Five main numbers from a numbered range of 1-75, and a single number (the bonus, or Mega Ball) from a range of 1-15. The correct 5+1 combination will yield an undoubtedly lucrative jackpot prize; and there are nine prize divisions in which participants can place.

All the latest US Mega Millions results & winnings can be found on this page as soon as the results have been verified by the game’s auditors.