UK Lotto Results


Largely owing to the game’s immense popularity – not only in the UK, but all over the world as well – the UK Lotto remains a firm favourite for those who enjoy playing an international lottery game which sports some of the most generous odds to be found anywhere in the world! Thanks to these odds, ever since participants began playing the UK Lotto the game has been responsible for creating instant wealth for well over 3,300 players – and we’re talking about multimillion-pound jackpot wins!

While the game’s guaranteed starting jackpot prize may be £2,100,000 for the midweek draws, it’s the weekend draws that inspires many – least of all thanks to the £4,200,000 double-value jackpot which is the starting minimum prize for the Saturday evening draws. This fact alone makes for some rather interesting gaming over the weekends, with impressive entries from all over the world desperately hoping to be the winner. It’s not uncommon to see multiple winners placing in the top prize tier, and so generous are the odds that the jackpot prizes are sometimes claimed as often as once every week. Due to this high frequency of wins, it is very seldom that we witness a UK Lotto jackpot prize value exceeding the £10,000,000 mark – but this doesn’t mean that it’s a stingy lotto game, either. The biggest-ever win scooped up in the UK Lotto game has been an impressive jackpot prize of £42,008,610.


Playing the UK Lotto is still one of the most straightforward gaming processes that we know of. Seeing as the game follows the popular 6/49 format, as a player you are required to make your selection of six main numbers from a range of a possible 49 numbers. Should your numbers correctly correspond to the numbers which are drawn at complete random during the live show, then consider yourself to be a freshly-minted UK Lotto millionaire! In addition to these six main numbers, a further bonus ball is drawn as well. It is important to note that as a player, you do not select this number – instead, it is drawn by the game itself in order to create the second prize tier (match five + bonus number). There are five prize tiers in which players are able to place for their various lucky lotto number combinations.

The UK Lotto game gets drawn twice a week – every Wednesday and Saturday at 21h00 CET / 20h00 GMT, and all the latest UK Lotto results & winnings will be made available on this page as soon as the draw results have been verified by the auditors.

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