EuroMillions Results


The EuroMillions lottery, widely regarded as the Euro lotto scene’s crowning achievement, is an immensely lucrative lotto game which enjoys a broad international following by lotto enthusiasts from all over the world. Its lucrative payouts are achieved thanks to a total of nine European countries all committing to the draw, pooling their collective resources to enable scintillating jackpot wins – of which the biggest has been an absolutely enormous €190,000,000, which was won in August 2012. These are the countries which are committed to the EuroMillions lotto game; they form the strong base from which it gets played:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • France
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

With this amount of wealthy European countries pitching into the EuroMillions draw each and every week – not to mention the amount of international entrants – jackpot prizes which exceed the €100m mark are not uncommon. The game gets drawn twice a week (every Tuesday and Friday evening at 21h45 CET / 20h45 GMT), and the starting guaranteed jackpot is an already-whopping €15,000,000. The game reserves the ability to roll over until the jackpot prize is won; however, the rollover cap has been set at a rather generous €190,000,000 – eleven consecutive rollovers. In the event of the jackpot prize still not having been won by this time, it would then be forfeited as the top prize tier and instead be allocated to all players who place in the game’s second prize tier.


Playing the EuroMillions lotto game is incredibly easy – and the best part is, it is not limited to the Euro lotto market. Thanks to online lotto ticket purchasing services such as, it is perfectly possible for lotto enthusiasts from literally all over the world to gain their guaranteed entry into this game, and compete for the exact same jackpot prizes which the European players are privy to.

During every draw, two sets of numbers get drawn – the main numbers, as well as the bonus “Lucky Star” numbers. A correct combination of five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers will unleash the jackpot winnings into your proud possession. From the main numbers which range from 1-50, players need to select their choice of five numbers. The next number selection will be for the Lucky Star numbers; of which two numbers will need to be selected between a range of 1-9. There are thirteen (13) prize tiers in which players are able to rank, according to the correct amount of numbers they have selected.

All EuroMillions winnings are tax-free and paid out as a lump sum. All the latest EuroMillions results & winnings can be found on this page.

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