Lottery Winners Doing Good

By   October 23, 2014

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People from all walks of life love to play the lottery as it gives them the chance to permanently change their lives and make all of their dreams come true. Most people play the lottery in order to improve their own lives but there are a few people who do it for the betterment of others. This post is about the latter so let’s take a look at some of the most generous lottery winners in history!


Instead of splashing out on a lavish car, holiday or home all of these lottery winners have decided to do something different with their newfound wealth so keep reading to find out how your winnings that you receive after you play EuroJackpot  could transform the lives of countless others.


Allen and Violet Large


allen large


Way back in 2010, this Canadian couple won an enormous $11.2 million prize in the lottery. The couple, both in their 70s had been married for 35 years and retired since 1983. Violet, who was undergoing cancer treatment at the time, said she was afraid of being taken advantage of by people with less than honourable intentions. Her husband Allen said that while they were not millionaires, they were pretty comfortable and that they had each other which was the most important thing. After taking care of their families, they gave all of their winnings away. Beneficiaries included the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, their local fire department, a number of hospitals and churches in their area. What an amazing couple!


Fortune in a Church’s Collection Plate


Photo of a Collection Plate


A pastor who was serving a struggling Baltimore parish got the surprise of his life in 2011 when he found a lottery ticket worth $30,000 in his collection plate one Sunday. The ticket had already had been scratched off to reveal the prize and while the pastor didn’t know why the lottery ticket had been left behind, when he contacted the Maryland Lottery Headquarters he realised why. The cash was used to cover church expenses and help people in need. What an amazing person!


Sheelah Ryan – Leaving a Lasting Legacy




When Sheelah Ryan won $55.2 million in the lottery in 1988 her life became chaotic very quickly as the media started zoning in on her, along with a stream of marriage proposals and unwanted investment advice. Ryan decided to keep a low profile and started the Ryan Foundation which helped with a wide range of charitable efforts including paying over due rent for single moms and helping stray cats. She died of cancer in 1994 aged 69 but her foundation continues to help people today.


Les Robins – Making Passion Work


MJS winner 1 of hoffman.jpg winner


When Les Robbins won $111 after playing US Powerball in 1993 he decided to set up Camp Winnegator, a camp for local Wisconsin children as he was a junior high school teacher in the area. The camp is located on 226-acre plot and is still going today proving that winning the lottery can lead to lasting kindness.


If you haven’t had as much luck as these lottery winners why not check out your lottery horoscope to see if you can make a difference by winning the lottery as well?