Lottery Winners Beryl and George Keates – 2 Years Later

By   October 30, 2014



We all love playing the lottery because it gives us the opportunity to make all of our dreams come true no matter where we are in the world or what our past has been like. While we all have an idea of what we will do after the latest lotto results have worked in our favour, it is always interesting to see what other lottery winners have done since they have hit the big time and had the opportunity to make all of their dreams come true. Well, there is no need to wonder anymore as one couple decided to come forward about what has happened to them so keep reading to find out more!


George and Beryl Keates, from Merseyside in the United Kingdom, won £3,5 million in the UK Lotto way back in 2012 after buying a lucky dip ticket and instantly became one of 3,000 millionaires created by the competition since its inception two decades ago.


Two years later, the pensioners spoke at the 20th anniversary of the launch of the lottery and said that they remember the day as if it was yesterday. So, what is the first thing you do after winning big in the lottery? For this retired couple, their first priority was taking care of their family so they decided to give £250,000 to each of their four sons, £10,000 to their nine grandchildren as well as some money to their sisters.


The couple decided to be careful with their new found wealth and spent a lot of time planning what they would do with their winnings. George and Beryl, 77, took their first holiday in Australia in order to see an old school friend of Beryl’s who was having health problems and said that they would have had to save up for a long time were it not for the lottery.


George didn’t usually buy the lottery tickets but as it was a rollover that week his wife said he should buy a lucky dip. He did as instructed and they won the jackpot on February 29, 2012. After checking the lotto results the next day, George screamed at the TV scream. Being a joker, Beryl didn’t believe him at first but when the reality hit home she just slumped on the stairs in incredulity.


Once they had taken care of their family, they bought a new house and invested the rest of their winnings with the help of the UK Lotto. Do they have any advice for new lottery winners? Yes, the one thing George and Beryl insist lottery winners do is be sensible with their newfound wealth. Good advice if you ask us!


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