Lottery Winner Becomes Pig Farmer

By   February 3, 2015



We all dream of winning the lottery and being able to change our lives for the better on a permanent basis. However, there are some strange stories out there about what people end up doing after they get lucky with the winning lottery numbers. Here is a story exactly like that to give you a few ideas about what you could be doing should you win the lottery. Keep reading find out more!


When Sue Herdman won £1,2 million in the UK Lotto way back in 2010 she was a hairdresser. Always well-dressed with her hair and makeup done to perfection, things have changed a lot over the course of the last five years. According Sue while winning the lottery was amazing, the first time she decided to purchase a piglet she really felt as though she had hit the jackpot.


Instead of living large and travelling the world like most lottery winners do, she spends seven days a week mucking about and feeding at a pig farm. Her friends clearly think she is crazy as she is prepared to spend all her time looking after animals instead of living a life luxury but there is nothing else she would rather be doing,


Since some the piglets need constant attention and feeding, there are often nights when she only gets a few hours sleep. A normal day starts at around 6.30 am when she gets up with her partner Andrew Hornshaw and they begin to see to their 7,000 animals. More or less 1,000 piglets are born every three weeks so the hard working couple really do have their hands full.


Susan-Herdman (1)


Before winning the lottery she was a single mom attempting to save up for mortgage when her winning lottery numbers came up. A few weeks before the win, she was told by a psychic at a party that she would win the lottery after she had her tarot cards done for fun. She met with the psychic a few weeks later and the same prediction came up.


While most lottery winners take a holiday the moment that they win the lottery Sue just kept going to work at her hairdressing salon and being a normal single mom. Nine months before winning the lottery, Sue began dating an old friend, Andrew, who resided on his dad’s pig farm in Boroughbridge, North Yorks. However, due to the massive 200 miles between the happy couple it was tough to see each other. Six months after winning the lottery, after feeling desperate to see her partner, she realised that she could do just that since she had just won the lottery. After this realisation she decided  to put her salon up for sale,




Soon after this she moved with her son Jake (now 22), but she had no interest in becoming involved with the pigs as she found the smell overwhelming. However, all this changed when she watched a sow give birth. At first she didn’t want to touch but her partner’s dad Ken said that if she didn’t help, the mother and piglet would end up dead. After pulling the piglet out alive she felt an overwhelming sense of joy and has never looked back.


Sue always thought she would splurge on a new car and clothes but the truth is that she enjoys bargain hunting and loves pigs.


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