Lottery Weekend Roundup | 15 September’14

By   September 15, 2014

lottery girl cash brings you only the latest news in the hottest lottery games from around the world.  Games that easy often reach well beyond the 10 million mark, no matter the currency.  This weekend’s most popular lottery games were no different as our roundup will show how some of the most anticipated lottery games performed over their weekend draws:

euromillions-logo-BW-longThe enormous Euromillions jackpot of £51,727,000.00 was on offer to any lucky player – unfortunately no one managed to snare the elusive prize and players rewards would only start from the second tier onward, providing as many as 6 wins of €278,515.10 to each player.  A Match of 5 and 1 Star Ball was required for that win, with another Match of 5 producing 12 winners of €46,419.10 each in the third tier.  The fourth tier saw as many as 73 players strike it lucky with their win of €3,815.20 each for correctly Matching 4 and 2 Star Balls. The next Euromillions draw will feature the escalated jackpot prize of €73million, due to the very generous rollover rule applied to Euromillions’ draws.

uk lotto logo BW narrowOn offer from the UK National Lottery game was a jackpot prize of £11,000,000.00.  The jackpot prize winning, however, went unclaimed in the weekend draw for UK Lotto as well.  With the game successfully attempting to make up for the lack of first place winning action with its dramatic wins of £93,421.00 going to 4 players who Matched 5 plus the Bonus.  A Match of 5 went on to gain a win of £1,129.00 to a total 281 players in the third tier, and a Match of 4 yielding wins of £96.00 to 17348 players in the fourth tier.  A final 5th tier Match of 3 came in the form of 322214 players winning £25.00.  The rollover rule means that fans of the UK Lotto may look forward to a revised jackpot prize of £13,000,000 ahead of its next draw on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014.

Mega Millions logo BW narrowThe US Powerball featured a Mega Draw which held the spotlight over many other lotto games over the weekend.  Not to be outdone, loyal players of the US lottery game was offered an equally impressive jackpot of $52,000,000.00 from the Mega Millions – definitely enough to change a lucky player or player’s life for the better!  The amazing jackpot would not be claimed however, and winnings would be seen from the second tier category only.  An incredibly fortunate player scored a single-ticket win and made away with a big $1million prize for their Match of 5.  Thirty-six more players went on to claim a third tier prize winning for a Match of 4 plus the Mega Ball to take home $5,000.00.  A Match of 4 saw 412 other players to a $500.00 windfall in the fourth tier to round off the top tier winnings.  The next Mega Million draw now offers a jackpot of $62million as its first place prize.

powerball logo narrowPowerball draws take place on Saturdays after the featured Mega Millions draws on Friday’s.  The Saturday’s jackpot was a special and highly publicized Mega Draw with a mega jackpot of $149,000,000.00.  Just as the Mega Millions, the giant lottery prize would not be claimed and continues to rollover and tease players in another Mega Draw.  Again, just as the Mega Millions game, the Powerball would at least grant a single ticket holder the status of millionaire with a second place winning of $1million.  It would seem that the jackpot duo worked hand in hand as similarly in the third tier 36 winners were also produced – the difference being that these players scored a windfall of $10,000.00.   The fourth tier saw A Match of 4 conclude the top tier winnings as 1003 players took home a consolation $100 as a thanks for their lottery participation. The rollover rule now leaves the Mega Draw still offering a handsomely looking Powerball jackpot of $171million.

euro_jackpot_logoEurojackpot, just as its lottery counterparts proved an ever enticing lottery draw since, on offer, was a record €61,170,752.70 – the highest jackpot ever available through Eurojackpot.  The winner would thus be crowned as a multimillionaire, but also a record-holder for the highest jackpot ever won with the lottery game (to date).  The former Eurojackpot record stood at €57.3million and was won by a lottery syndicate from Finland.

The Finnish are definately doing something right – as the newest winner of Friday’s fortuitous and highly anticipated lotto draw ended up being from Finland too; with the lucky player purchasing their lottery ticket online and is now an astonishing €61,2million wealthier.  As many as 9 other players received second place winnings in the form of €137,166.50 for their Match of 5 and 1 Bonus Ball.  Another lucky 8 players Matched 5 to earn a whopping €40,121.20 windfall, concluding the top tier winnings in this super generous draw.

megasena_logoLast but definately not least, Saturday’s Brazilian Mega Sena lottery draw featured a jackpot prize of $9,663,065.64 which would serve only to tease since no players were able to secure the first prize winning.  As many as 112 players did manage to win $10,849.40 in the second tier for their Match of 5, with a further 6874 fortunate players taking home $252.53 as their reward for loyal lottery participation.

Be sure to get all your tickets in on time for these promising, large lottery games that are sure to excite in the upcoming week’s lucky lotto draws, and check back with us at for all your latest news, reviews, draw results and more.  Good luck and good gaming to all!