Latest Lotto Results – 8 Jan. ’15

By   January 8, 2015



January is a notoriously ‘thin’ month in a manner of speaking which means that we can all do with as much extra cash as possible. Whether you work two jobs or take out an extra loan, it seems this month is the one that goes on forever. This is why it is the perfect time to win big with your favourite international lottery game and make January the best month of the year. With that in mind, you will need some convincing about those jackpots right? Here are the latest lotto results to help convince you why you should play the lotto online over the next days. Keep reading to find out more!


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Yesterday’s (Wednesday, 7 January) USA Powerball Results were pretty standard in that there were no new jackpot winners. However, things went somewhat better in the second division as there were two tickets with the necessary five matching numbers allowing each person to walk out with a massive $1,000,000 – what a way to start the year! In the third division there were a total of sixteen tickets from across the globe with the right combination of four matching numbers and the Powerball allowing each person to win $10,000 – well done!


It was also good going in the fourth division in this popular US-based lottery game as there were 741 tickets with four matching numbers adding $100 to each person’s back pocket – well done! The fifth division created 1,214 more lottery winners who also get to bank $100 thanks to their three matching numbers and Powerball. Enjoy! The next US Powerball draw is a big one as the jackpot has rolled over to an astonishing $162,000,000 on Saturday, 10 January, so it is definitely not one that you want to miss out on!






Yesterday’s (Wednesday, 7 January) UK Lotto draw kept its word when it comes to creating big winners as there were two jackpot winners in this draw. Each fortunate ticket holder has won a fabulous £4,078,509.00 ensuring that 2015 will be their best year yet. Good going! In the second division there were nine tickets from across the globe with the right combination of five matching numbers and the Bonus Ball allowing each ticket holder to walk out with a cool £13,649.00 – enjoy! In the third division there were a lot of winners (as usual), in fact there were 442 new lottery winners in this division who all took home a fabulous £235.00 – good going! The next UK Lotto draw is happening on Saturday, 10 January and you could win a fantastic £4,100,000 so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


If you want to make January a ‘thick’ month instead of a ‘thin’ one, why not play the lotto online and change your life? For some inspiration, all you need to check is your lottery horoscope!