Latest Euro Millions and Mega Millions Results

By   February 12, 2015


The middle of the week has finally arrived which means that it is time to take at the latest EuroMillions and MegaMillions results from yesterday. Has anyone won big and what do you stand to win should you decide to play the lotto online? The only way to find out is to keep reading!

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Yesterday’s (Tuesday, 10 February) EuroMillions draw was disappointing in the jackpot division as no one managed to to have the winning lottery numbers this time around. No need to despair though as things went a lot better in the second division as there was one oh-so-fortunate individual with five matching numbers and one Star. This lucky person has won a life changing €997,973.30 – well done! In the third division there were four people from various corners of this beautiful planet with five matching numbers. Each person has won a cool €83,164.40 – not bad!


The fourth division normally creates a lot of lottery winners and this draw was no different as there were 31 tickets with four matching numbers and two Stars adding €5,365.40 to each person’s bank account – nicely done! In the fifth division there were 774 people who were in possession of four matching numbers and one Star making each person’s wallet €188.00 fatter. Have fun with that! The sixth division there were 1,740 tickets with four matching giving each person €83.60 to spend as they please. The next EuroMillions draw takes place on Friday, 13 February and the jackpot stands at a fabulous €31,000,000 so remember to play the lotto online!

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Yesterday’s (Tuesday, 10 February) Mega Millions draw also left jackpot hopefuls disappointed. Those hoping to secure a second division win were also left wanting sadly. Things went much better in the third division as there were 24 tickets with four matching numbers and the Mega Number making each person’s bank balance $5,000 healthier. Awesome! In the fourth division there 368 people got lucky thanks to their four matching numbers and walked out with $500 – not bad! The fifth division made 1,726 people $50 better off thanks to their three matching numbers and the Mega number while the sixth division added $5 to 25,552 people’s back-pocket as a result of their two matching numbers and Mega Number. You can take part in the next Mega Millions draw on Friday, 13 February and stand the chance of winning $74,000,000 so don’t miss out!


Why not make the month of love your month of wealth as well. Play the lotto online and stand the chance of winning big! You never know how you could be spoiling that special someone in your life (which is definitely you) with a big win from your favourite international lottery game!