Jackpot Winners Who Did It the Right Way

By   March 23, 2015

Dedicated players and fans from all over the world have their own ideas on how they would spend their winnings of they ever hit the big time.  There are an endless amount of things which can be done with a jackpot win with the online lotto, but the last thing you think someone will do with their new wealth is give it away, right?  Here are a few millionaires who became instantly richer and gave their winnings away just as quickly:

Jim Dancy

Jim Dancy

$10, 000 may not seem like a big win to most, but this lucky winner decided to donate all of it to the Kalamazoo United Way.  Not keeping any for himself, it’s no surprise that they president of the KUW referred to his donation as an act of incredible kindness.

Sheelah Ryan


After winning $55 million in 1988, Ryan decided to keep a low profile and start the Ryan Foundation.  This foundation provides countless charitable efforts, helping everyone from single mothers to stray cats.  Passing away in 1994, her foundation still lives on and continues to do charitable work in her name.

Colin and Chris Weir

Scottish EuroMillions lottery winners Colin and Chris Weir have donated 85% of Yes Scotland funds

This very lucky British couple scooped up the biggest jackpot in the country’s history – a mindbloiwng £161 million.  It didn’t long before this couple became known for their good deeds, including buying a new prosthetic limb for a young teen who unfortunately lost his leg to cancer.  The Weirs also helped a talented young Scottish tennis player get quality training, as well as funding for several athletic improvement projects and the refurbishment of a historic paddle steamer.

Allen and Violet Large

Allen and Violet Large

Winning $11.2 million in 2012, this Canadian couple used their winnings in the best way possible.  Because Violet was undergoing treatments for cancer, they decided to five away the majority of their fortune to their family, friends, hospitals, churches, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and their local fire department.  When asked why they had given most of their new fortune away their response was simple:

“That money that we won was nothing, we have each other.  What you never had, you never miss”.


If there’s one thing that’s better than people who share what is theirs, this is people who give what has been given to them.  Keep these winners in mind next time you play the lotto online because you never know how quickly you could be scooping up a big win!  With all of the prizes that are up for grabs this week, like $59 million in the next Mega Millions draw, there’s no better time for you to get in on all of the fun and action.  Don’t forget to place your entries before time runs out and before you know it, you could be placing in the next lottery results – and become a whole lot richer too, of course!