International Lotto Update | 10 April 2014

By   April 10, 2014

bank vaultOwn your own bank vault, filled to the brim with your international lottery jackpot winnings with! While none of the midweek lotto games which were drawn last night (Wednesday, 9 April 2014) resulted in any jackpot wins, the good news is that the resultant rollover jackpot prizes have all increased in value for the upcoming weekend draws – some more than others! Let’s take a closer look at what transpired. - win up to 183 million EuroThe first midweek game to be drawn was arguably one of the most popular lotto games being played on an international level; the UK Lotto. With the game kicking off with a £6,301,902 jackpot prize thanks to a spike in last-minute entries, the prize was lucrative enough to warrant some proper enthusiasm on the part of the players. Unfortunately though, while none were able to claim the jackpot prize, the rollover has allowed the prize pool to increase dramatically in value – for those looking to enter the upcoming UK Lotto draw, the good news is that you will have a spectacular €9,200,000 to play for on Saturday, 12 April! Here are the detailed UK Lotto results & winnings:

The next wildly popular international lotto game to be drawn (and probably one of the biggest on earth) was the amazing US Powerball game. With this lotto being fondly remembered for its massive $590.5 million single-ticket win, it would appear that the current jackpot prize is looking to crack that elusive nine-digit barrier yet again. After coming in strong with an $80 million jackpot prize in last night’s draw, no players found the key to winning the full amount. Luckily for them (and for you as well), thanks to the rollover experienced, the next draw set to take place this Saturday 12 April will now be a tasty $94 million – if we see yet another rollover this weekend, rest assured that the Powerball jackpot will exceed the $100m mark yet again! We could be witnessing the early stages of a potentially record-breaking jackpot prize; it all depends on the luck of the draw. With odds of 1 in 175,223,510 of laying claim to the top prize offered in the game, are you confident you have what it takes to defy those odds and claim your jackpot win with your lucky lotto numbers? Here are the detailed US Powerball results & winnings: AspirationThe MegaSena lotto was the next game up for a midweek draw, coming in with a nominal $1.1 million jackpot prize. Despite the rather modest prize on offer, the amount of entries received into South America’s biggest and most popular lottery game was simply astounding. After the jackpot prize went by being unclaimed, the resultant rollover value immediately reflected the amount of entries received into the game: Players who are keen on competing in the upcoming weekend draw (Saturday, 12 April 2014) will be playing for a $13.6 million jackpot prize! Here are the comprehensive MegaSena results & winnings:

The historically-rich FranceLoto, one of the very few international lotto games which are drawn thrice a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays) had its most recent draw last night; coming in with a €3 million jackpot prize. While none were fortunate enough to lay claim to the jackpot, this rollover has seen the amount increase by €1 million; meaning that Saturday’s draw will have a €4 million jackpot prize to play for – definitely something worth looking forward to! For full FranceLoto results & winnings, consult the table below:

UKLottery BannerAs far as the Friday lotto draws go, these are the games that will be drawn tomorrow, 11 April 2014:

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