Friday Lotto Games: Let’s Play!

By   May 23, 2014

one_billion_dollars2Take a good, hard look at the picture above – surely it’s the sort of stuff that dreams are made of? While it may be hard to accurately say exactly how much cash is in this stack, we’re sure that “more than I can spend in a year!” will suffice. Wouldn’t you like to have access to this sort of funds? Imagine all the endless possibilities which could avail themselves to you: Your very own private island, along with the obligatory private yacht to actually reach said island; if you’ve dreamed of seeing the world, allow it to become your playground – but how? By winning an international lotto jackpot, of course!

This week has been quite an interesting one for the lotto games which are proudly hosted right here on LottoOnline1. In the Tuesday lotto games, we saw a big jackpot prize being claimed by a single-ticket win; we’re pretty sure the elated player is fast making plans on how to start spending that $149,000,000 jackpot! Today, we will be looking at the Wednesday lotto draws, as well as the upcoming draws for both this evening (Friday, 23 May 2014) as well as tomorrow’s draws – Saturday, 24 May 2014. So sit back, get comfortable; and decide on which lotto game you’d like to play in the meantime! - win up to 42 million Pounds uk lotto logo BW narrowIn the most recent UK Lotto draw, the game demonstrated yet again why it is world-famous for some of the best winnings odds to be found anywhere. While the game may have opened with its guaranteed minimum, that fact didn’t deter any of the players from giving it there absolute all in the hopes of taking home a jackpot prize – so were there any successful attempts? Well yes, of course… This is why the UK Lotto remains as one of the most popular international lotto games – period! These were the numbers drawn:

uklotto-21mayUp in the top prize tier, players were required to correctly match all six main numbers in order to qualify for a jackpot win – and there were two players who done exactly that, leaving each of them with £737,287 in prize monies. Well done, players! In the second prize tier, there were three more players who were able to match up only five of the main numbers, but backed up their position by also correctly matching the bonus ball (drawn by the game itself; players do not select this number when submitting their entries). Each of these three who scored in this tier were able to claim their £39,233 in winnings. Down in the third prize tier, there were 237 players who matched up five main numbers, and this gave each of them £421 for their efforts in the game.

With the jackpot prize being won, those who will be entering tomorrow’s UK Lotto draw (Saturday, 24 May 2014) will be playing for the weekend guaranteed minimum jackpot prize – £4,300,000. Remember, this game boasts some of the best winnings odds; so play UK Lotto online today to be entered into tomorrow’s draw! For those who would like a detailed breakdown of the latest UK Lotto results & winnings, please see below:

franceloto logo BW narrowIn Wednesday’s rendition of the popular Euro lotto game, the FranceLoto, the game opened with its guaranteed minimum of €2,000,000 following a €23 million jackpot win during the Monday (19 May 2014) draw. These were the numbers drawn:

franceloto-21mayThe top prize tier for this round of draws yielded no winners; which is actually a good thing for those who have entered into the upcoming draw tomorrow (Saturday, 24 May 2014). In the second prize tier though, there were five players who matched up the five main numbers only, and in doing so were each able to claim their winnings – which in this case, amounted to €43,602 per player. Down in the third prize tier, there were 592 players who matched up four main numbers only, which left each one of them with a €792 payout for their efforts.

Thanks to the jackpot prize rolling over, the anticipated amount which entrants into the FranceLoto will be playing for is a delectable €10,000,000 – so play FranceLoto online today in order to be entered! Full FranceLoto results & winnings may also be found below:

MegaSena logo BW narrowThe midweek MegaSena lotto draw saw the game opening with its guaranteed minimum as well, following an $8,010,025 win during the previous Saturday draw (17 May 2014). With fans of the biggest lotto game in South America all gunning for the top prize, some may have been disappointed to realize that none were successful in their attempts. This has, however, afforded the jackpot an opportunity to roll over and increase in value ahead of tomorrow’s draw. These were the numbers that were drawn on Wednesday evening:

megasena-21mayIn the game’s second prize tier, there were 90 players who correctly matched up five of the required six main numbers, which landed each one of them an $8,596 payout – well done to these players. Down in the third prize tier (and the game’s last prize tier), there were 5,373 players who matched up four main numbers which resulted in each one of these divisional winners taking in a $206 prize.

Entrants into tomorrow’s Saturday draw will be competing for a boosted $3,100,000 jackpot prize – so be sure to play MegaSena online today to be entered into Brazil’s most exciting lottery game! For those looking for the full MegaSena results & winnings, it can be found below:

powerball logo narrowProbably the biggest midweek draw of them all, the US Powerball opened with a nine-figure jackpot prize on offer – a sizzling $114,000,000! This US lotto game is well-known for its huge jackpot abilities, so it was little surprise to learn that there had been no players in the top prize tier; thus allowing the game to continue rolling over, and amassing an even larger jackpot prize in the process. These were the numbers drawn:

powerball-21mayIn the game’s second prize tier, there were five players who were able to correctly match up all five main numbers only, narrowly missing out on a full-blown jackpot win. Nevertheless though, they were all happy to take full advantage of the game’s guaranteed $1,000,000 prize to anybody who placed in the second division. Down in the third prize tier, there were seventeen players who matched up four main numbers as well as the bonus Powerball; this afforded each one of them a $10,000 payout for their efforts.

Thanks to the rollover jackpot amount, tomorrow’s Saturday draw will be bringing an impressive $132,000,000 jackpot prize to the table – so be sure to get in your entries in time for the draw by playing US Powerball online! Those who would like the full, detailed US Powerball results & winnings may view the table below: AspirationLooking at the draws scheduled to take place this evening, these are the games and their respective jackpot prizes – click on any of the lottery logos to enter that particular game. As always – the very best of luck to all our players!

euromillions-logo-BW-longEuroMillions lotto – €59,000,000 jackpot prize

Mega Millions logo BW narrowUS Mega Millions lotto – $15,000,000 jackpot prize

euro_jackpot_logoEuroJackpot lotto – €10,000,000 jackpot prize