EuroMillions Super Draw on its way!

By   March 5, 2014

euromil superdrawThe EuroMillions in its own right is a hugely popular European lottery which is played globally. With minimum jackpot amounts of €15 million and a reputation as one of the most lucrative jackpot games not only in Europe, but the world, imagine the level of excitement that a EuroMillions Superdraw brings along with it. This, thankfully, is exactly what the EuroMillions lotto game is offering to lottery enthusiasts the world over, the first Superdraw for 2014!

As these special draws happen infrequently, sometimes as little as once or twice a year, any announcement made by the organizers with reference to a Superdraw is met with a huge amount of excitement and a palpable anticipation – and with a guaranteed jackpot amount of €100 million on offer, who wouldn’t be looking forward to competing for dividends of that magnitude? These draws are often held to commemorate either a notable milestone in the lottery’s rich history, or to usher in game and rule revisions. So what’s the special occasion this time around, you might be asking? The EuroMillions lotto game is celebrating its 10th year of being in operation, creating brand-new wealth for its loyal players!

PlayEuromillions.comThis EuroMillions Superdraw will be taking place this Friday, 7 March 2014 with that highly enticing €100 million guaranteed jackpot. As if this news wasn’t good enough, in the event of no player being fortunate enough to correctly match up those all-important five numbers and two Lucky Stars, the jackpot prize will not be forfeited. Instead, we can look forward to a rollover result, in which the already-massive prize on offer could increase even further – the more entries received into the game, the bigger the jackpot prize will grow by! The biggest Superdraw jackpot prize which has been won was a jaw-dropping €187 million, claimed in June 2013 by two players following a spate of rollovers from the original guaranteed amount of €100 million.

If you haven’t yet participated in a EuroMillions Superdraw, then now is as good a time as any to play your lucky lotto numbers and join the millions of players worldwide, all seeking to be the one to take home that magnificent jackpot. Will it be you…? Only time will tell, but in the meantime – play EuroMillions online today to have your numbers entered into the Friday 7 March 2014 Superdraw!