EuroMillions Results | Friday, 17 January 2014

By   January 20, 2014

euromillions1The latest EuroMillions draw, number 660 since the game started being played in 2004, was held this past Friday 17 January 2014 at 21h00 CET. This lottery game has enjoyed constant and ever-growing success; so much so in fact, that today this predominantly European lottery game (and the flagship Euro lotto game) is played all over the world by a massive global audience. Even though the jackpot amount has seen figures as high as €190,000,000; last night’s draw offered a comparatively-tame €33,069,927. This amount never seemed to deter any players at all though, judging by the amount of entries received into the draw. Because, let’s face it – €33 million is still a massive jackpot win in today’s turbulent financial conditions!

The numbers drawn which could determine the fate of any of the EuroMillions players were as follows: 19, 26, 32, 33, 42 and Lucky Stars 4 and 10. Were there any jackpot winners? Nope. Will we get a chance to play for an even bigger and better jackpot prize tomorrow evening? Most definitely!! Thanks to the rollover (the third consecutive one since the last jackpot win) has resulted in a much-wanted boost to the jackpot prize on offer; players who have entered their lucky numbers into the EuroMillions game will be playing for a delectable €40,000,000 prize! Be sure to enter the EuroMillions lotto game online as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. In the second tier, there were two winners who got mighty close to sealing the deal with a total jackpot win; however, they came up short by a mere one number – only successfully matching up all five main numbers but only one Lucky Star number. Be that as it may though, these players both received quite a substantial consolation prize; to the tune of €805,958 in fact. Congratulations to these tier winners! One division lower, and the third tier reported a total of eight winners who successfully managed to match up all five main numbers only. Each one of these players gladly received their €67,163 divisional prizes for their commendable efforts. If you’d like to see the detailed EuroMillions results and winnings listings, then take a look at the results table below:


Players who wish to be more involved with the game are invited to join us in time for tomorrow’s draw – all that’s required from your side, is to play the lucky numbers of your inclination in the play block below. Remember, you have €40,000,000 worth of motivation spurring you on! Good luck!