EuroMillions Results | Friday, 10 January 2014

By   January 13, 2014


After the brilliant start the EuroMillions jackpot got off to for 2014 by giving off a €130 million jackpot, it got reverted back to the minimum jackpot amount of €15 million in time for Friday’s draw. So despite the jackpot’s minimum amount, there were still literally millions of players all playing their lucky numbers in the hopes of securing a top prize win. The numbers drawn on Friday evening were as follows: 1, 2, 11, 27, 29 and Lucky Stars 1 and 10. Were there any jackpot winners?

euromil ticketNope! Unfortunately for this round of the EuroMillions game, there were no players who succeeded in bringing in a jackpot win. This means that it has had the opportunity to experience a rollover, and will have an anticipated €21 million for Tuesday, 14 January 2014’s draw. The second prize tier had some activity to report; with ten players getting incredibly close to the winning combination. These players managed to match up all five of the main numbers, yet only one Lucky Star. They were awarded with a tier prize of €162,679, which is still nothing to scoff at! In the third tier, there were 19 players who correctly matched up the five main numbers only, and they were awarded with €28,540 for doing so. The fourth tier reported a total of 59 winners, who matched up four out of the five main numbers as well as both Lucky Stars. As the jackpot prize pool was back at minimum amount, these players only saw a €4,595 cash injection coming their way. The full EuroMillions results and winnings can be found below:



The next EuroMillions draw is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday 14th January 2014 with an estimated €21 million jackpot thanks to the rollover. If you haven’t yet played your lucky numbers online, then now would be the perfect time – play EuroMillions and stand the chance to win huge money!